Wednesday , July 28 2021

Aid dogs from young disabled people were turned down by Primark, the town hall wrote to the sign

Palisade in front of a future Primark shop in Toulouse, near Capitol Square. – H. Menal – 20 Minutes

  • Helpless service dog Kevin F. was unable to enter Primark's shop in Toulouse last Saturday, because his entry was refused.
  • Kevin, who reports facts on social media, is supported by the Accessibility Assistant who wrote a letter to store management.
  • Primark apologized and indicated that he trained his staff so that this situation did not happen again.

A week ago, Kevin, a young man in a wheelchair, wanted to visit the new Primark in Toulouse. On his side, Jembe, his service dog, with whom he moves everywhere.

But as soon as he passed the airlock, a security guard told him that animals were banned in the shop. Kevin knew his rights and could not be dismantled, indicating that he would not move.

A situation that he criticized on social networks and what he had faced in other stores in the Pink City. "Signs must take their responsibility, train their agents, we are tired of always having to justify," he tapped the video jab on his Facebook page.

Interrogated directly by the young man, Primark apologized to Kevin.

Deputy Mayor wrote to save management

"We consider the accessibility issues of people with disabilities to be very serious. Guard dogs are permitted in all our stores," said the management sign.

In his struggle to uphold the law, Kevin received support from the city of Toulouse. Christophe Alves, deputy mayor in charge of accessibility issues, shared a letter sent to the director of the Irish store network.

He recalls that since 1987, "the law has formalized the right of access of guide dogs in transportation, open to the public."

"I was annoyed and surprised. I sent this letter to remind and do pedagogy. I did not burden the agent, it was up to management to provide information. It caught my attention and made me think of awareness campaigns for various brands because this was not the first time that happened complained chosen.

For its part, Primark ensures that "additional training has been provided to our employees and our security team to prevent this from happening again."

Kevin has decided to send a letter to Sophie Cluzel, Secretary of State for People with Disabilities.

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