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Coffee guest – Coffee guest: Dr. Jean-Louis Boissin

Guest coffee Wednesday, November 14 2018 is Dr. Jean-Louis Boissin, diabetologist.

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Jean-Louis Boissin, a diabetologist, was invited to our radio studio on the occasion World Diabetes Day. The chance to recall this terrible reality: a quarter of the population in French Polynesia was directly affected by this disease. For doctors, we must stop talking about "diabetes": diabetes is primarily a behavioral and lifestyle problem.

He was questioned by Ibrahim Ahmed Hazi:

Coffee guest: Dr. Jean-Louis Boissin – 11-14/2018

Association of Diabetes and Obesity Patients in French Polynesia, where Dr. Boissin is a member, multiplying act of consciousness : Papeete Market, Cathedral (today until 3 pm); tomorrow at Pomare IV College and finally Friday at Papara High School.

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