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Facing 2000 mayors, Macron promises a change in method

President Emanuel Macron during his speech at Elysee before 2000 mayor on November 21.
President Emanuel Macron during his speech at Elysee before 2000 mayor on November 21. THIBAULT CAMUS / AFP

Emanuel Macron promised mayors of France on May 21st "Tired" and burned "Changing the Method" work and consultations that should allow the page to be turned for sixteen months into tensions and misunderstandings between the executive and city councilors who have denounced "Unilateral measures"On the eve of Prime Minister Edward Philip's speech at the annual mayor's congress in Paris, the head of state received golden-eyed employees with which he played for questions and answers, under the gilding of Elysee 2000 ballroom.

"I know your day is not easy, the government is not easy", he said in his opening remarks. Faced with challenges, "We have a shared responsibility, it should be together, if we are not together, we find a great boulevard, not the populists, but the demagogues", "We need a change of method between us, I wanted to initiate tonight and what we will go on together in the coming months by preparing national texts and bringing them", he continued several hours after meeting with the French Chancellor's Office (AMF), which in recent weeks has not voiced his words against the executive.

"False polemics"

According to Elisha, the head of state during the exchange with the AMF authorities has called for an end to "False polemics" and "On Scripts of Disagreements" and said he was ready "Work together" on housing tax and total operational allocation (DGF), two stress points.

He also agreed with the method of consulting higher on government projects and changing the functioning of the national conference of territories, said Elisha. The head of state also pledged to go next year to the Congress of the Porte de Versailles. His decision not to go this year, unlike last year when he was collapsed, was refuted by some mayors who decided to boycott the reception at Elisha.

The story: At the mayor's congress "we feel the common"

In a statement issued earlier in the day, the AMF asked Emanuel Macron and the government to join "True Negotiation" with municipalities to restore confidence between the state and the elected officials. "We want the implementation of a working method with a precise timetable that allows the state and the AMF to engage in sincere talks to restore confidence"the association said. "We need to resume dialogue in real talks",

Shared views

During the exchange with the mayors, Emanuel Macron said "Ready to open the scene of the reform of the GFD rules", "It is beneficial to entrust to the elected officials the management of the territorial public service" and "Improving the Limit of the Law Our (New Territorial Organization of the Republic)", "It does not mean return, but (…) we can improve things", he said. As regards the abolition of the housing tax by 2020,"Commitment Committed", he added, without giving any further details on the compensation for the abolition of this tax, a traditional source of revenue for the municipalities.

At the end of the game of questions and answers, which was followed by a more informal exchange outside the press, the opinions were divided. Mayor Les Républicains (LR) of Toulouse and President of France Urbaine, Jean-Luc Moudenc, estimated that "Dialogue Renewed",

"There were blockages, I think this is something that will probably restore confidence and especially positive while we were in a negative negative logic"he said when he left Elisha. The Mayor of Planay, the commune of a hundred inhabitants of Cote d'Or, Dominic Bussyon, was more cautious. He kept telling us "I commit myself, I will keep my commitments" but that's what he says all the time. "

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