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Fanch: The Prosecutor's Office wants to end the Talad's permission

Rehn's Prosecutor's Office announced on Thursday that he had filed a cassation appeal after the court's decision to allow the little Fanch to hold his waist for 19 months, a sign used in Breton's names.

"In this case, Rehn's Prosecutor's Office decided today to make a cassation appeal," General Prosecutor Jean-Francois Tony said in a statement. "Indeed, in the state of the texts, tilda is not recognized as a diagnostic sign in French, therefore, in view of the possible national consequences of the aforementioned decision, it seems necessary to refer to the Court of Cassation the question of the use of the Talida of a given name," he said .

"I am angry, this is an arrogant contempt for all people who come to seek out their most precious, to know their inheritance," said Jean-Renée Kerlock, a defender of Fanch's parents. "The verdict was already a monument of contempt and jabobism, I understand that our fellow citizens consider this new solution to arrogant neglect," he added.

A tilda that breaks down with "the unity of the country"

At Fanch's birth on May 11, 2017, the Quimper civil servant refused to retain the spell's spell before being dismissed by Deputy Mayor Isabel Le Bal (MoDem). The prosecutor then intervened by taking advantage of the Quimper court in the name of respect for the French language.

In its judgment of 13 September 2017, the court ruled that the admission of the Talad would mean "violating the will of the rule of law in order to preserve the unity of the country and equality without distinction of origin." In particular, the court supported its decision in a 2014 circular, containing a restrictive list of sixteen characters (accent, umlaut, cedilla, etc.) that can be used in the civil register.

But for the Revenue Court in Rehn, the use of tilda "is not unknown in French". It appears in several dictionaries (the French Academy, Petit Robert or Larousse in French) and is used by the state in decrees to appoint the names of the persons appointed by the President of the Republic.

The name already adopted in 2002 and 2009

"Certainly these last decisions about the use of the tilda on the name of that person's name, but the use of the names of the first name that denotes a given name given at birth, which connects the patronymic to distinguish each person, can not be treated differently with punishment to create a discriminatory situation, "concluded the Court of Appeal.

The Court of Appeal also recalled that the name Fanch, with his name, was already adopted by the Revenue Prosecutor of Rennes in 2002, but also by the Secretary of Paris in 2009.

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