Saturday , July 24 2021

four severe injuries in a building fire in Sevran

Fires occur at night on the steps of a building.

Nineteen people were injured, including four serious people, in the fire of a building on Sunday to Sunday in Sevran (Seine-Saint-Denis), France Bleu Paris reported on Monday, November 12. Five children were among those who were lightly injured.

A fire blazed on the stairs shortly before 4 am Some residents jumped from the first floor of the building, on a mattress thrown into the yard. About 80 people were evacuated and taken to the gymnasium. A resident spoke at the French microphone Bleu Paris in a dilapidated building. The building is unknown service from the city of Sevran, said first deputy Jean-Pierre Laborde, who went to the victims.

A total of 66 firefighters intervened to extinguish the fire, which was controlled at the end of the night. An investigation is underway to try to identify the reason for the fire.

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