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Guyana: "Modification of magnitude" for the project "Montagne d & # 39; Or" (CMO)

Paris, November 16, 2018 – Compagnie Montagne & Or (CMO), which was criticized for its mining project in French Guiana, announced on Friday a "big change" to "minimize the impact on the environment."

"Taking lessons from the public debates held in Guyana, CMO decided to continue its project with major modifications and significant improvements to minimize environmental impacts and maximize economic and social benefits for the region.", the company said in a statement.

"CMO complies, as a commitment to it, for the International Cyanide Management Code"he"prioritize energy production on site to avoid the construction of a 90,000 volt electricity line and reduce the area to be cleaned"and"giving priority to renewable energy, including the use of solar energy"he detailed.

A report commissioned by WWF France has sharply criticized earlier this week the largest open gold mine project in France, questioning the expected economic prospects and the environmental impact on the ecosystem. local.

"This is a cosmetic modification"Activated Friday Pascal Canfin, CEO of WWF France."Government "Having to stop this project, the easiest way is not to renew the concession authorization that stopped in December," he added.

The same feeling on the collective side "Gold Question"who have signed a press release with France Libertés, Nature Rights and indigenous Guyana youth."denounce superficial and negligent adjustments"

Columbus Gold and Nordgold, who brought this mining project to Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni, have promised so far "develop the economy of Guyana"with"750 direct jobs and 2,500 indirect jobs"and more than 300 million euros in taxes and taxes in 12 years of operation.

Montagne & Or is supported locally by Medef, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, part of elected officials including the president of the Guyana territorial community, Rodolphe Alexandre.

CMO is committed tocontribute to the creation of funds for the development and diversification of the economy of Guyana"to"achieve goals of 90% of local jobs"and consider"the extension of life beyond twelve years is predicted at this stage"

WWF challenges the use of cyanide, which can be toxic chemical components, and promises of local recruitment, based on the example of Guinea where Nordgold operates a gold mine. NGOs also criticize the use of solar energy which will only serve mining projects and not populations.

Gold collective questions are said "skeptical about the possibility of producing 20 megawatts through solar energy"and fear"massive use of fossil fuels to ensure food from these sites."

Collective also believes that there is "there is still no answer"brought"management of 300 million tons of mine waste, acid mine drainage from 200,000 tons of heavy and toxic metals, 50 million tons of cyanide residue, consumption of 470,000 liters of water per hour, use of 10 tons of cyanide and 18 tons of explosives a day"

In July, the government announced the establishment of an intergovernmental commission to evaluateimpact"Golden Mountain Environment and Economy.

The report, announced for September but not yet released, is expected to help the government position itself before the end of the year on the project.

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