Friday , July 23 2021

No, Emmanuel Macron will not suppress Mother's Day

No, Emmanuel Macron doesn't want to suppress Mother's Day. – screenshot HERE 20 Minutes Info and Editing

The lie was shared more than 5,500 times on Facebook. On November 12, the ICI Info website published an article titled "Emmanuel Macron will cancel Mother's Day. This title has aroused the anger of some internet users on social networks.

The editor of the site explained that "Emmanuel Macron announced today that Mother's Day will be canceled in 2019 and replaced by a" party of people we like "and this is to sever ties with French Vichy. .


THIS IS info is a site specialized in making hoaxes. The site's first post shows that the site "offers the infusion you need". Created on November 6, registered in Bas-Rhin.

This is not the first time Emmanuel Macron has been subjected to rumors about the removal of symbols: he was almost elected and accused of wanting to suppress a Christian holiday.

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