Monday , August 2 2021

Prime Audience: Not surprisingly, strong football on TF1 is the leader of up to 6.5 million

Last night, TF1 broadcast the "Dutch – French" football match, as part of the League of Nations, while France 2 programed the TV movie "My dear brother", with Michael Youn.

For their part, 5 French viewers were able to follow "La Maison France 5". People from France 3 can do "world tour in song" at night.

TPMP made a mistake on C8 while "Julie Lescaut" appeared on NRJ12. The episode "Good Doctor" was re-broadcast on TF1 Séry Films, and RMC Découverte was interested in the period before the Second World War.

Netherlands – France (soccer)
28.4% market share

6,491,000 viewers

my lovely sister
11.9% market share

2,657,000 viewers

9.3% of market share

2,042,000 viewers

All over the world in songs
8.3% of market share

1,833,000 viewers

5.4% of market share

990,000 viewers

French House 5
3.7% market share

845,000 viewers

Old spies welcome you well
2.9% of market share

674,000 viewers

Action investigation
2.9% of market share

595,000 viewers

Julie Lescaut
2.3% of market share

529,000 viewers

TPMP made a mistake!
2.3% of market share

521,000 viewers

Firefighters: their lives live
2.3% of market share

497,000 viewers

1.8% market share

419,000 viewers

In the shadow of the Second World War
1.7% of market share

408,000 viewers

We only provide loans to rich people
1.6% market share

364,000 viewers

Good doctor
1.3% of market share

293,000 viewers

You have a package
1.3% of market share

278,000 viewers

Grimm's fairy tale
1.2% of market share

271,000 viewers

Zap it
0.8% market share

190,000 viewers

Nothing is impossible
0.3% of market share

77,000 viewers

Top market share

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