Thursday , December 3 2020

protesters who were in front of the Amazon discharged from the CRS

After the Intermarche Logistic Base in Lorrill, a yellow-jacket operation was targeted in Montelimar on the Atlantic Ocean on Thursday. Thirty protesters installed a filter dam in front of the online giant's warehouse, accused of failing to pay taxes in France.

In the early afternoon, Nyon's subordinate negotiated with the demonstrators the lifting of the dam. It was CRC, which stood at the entrance of the warehouse.

At night several trucks can get in and leave the site. The deal also affected Easydis, one of the casino group's logistics facilities, also located in the Portes de Provence region. Another affected company is Schneider Electric, which in the morning failed to supply its Privas (Vivarais electrical construction) plant.

The operation received a lot of support from passing motorists who were not stopped. The yellow vests were greeted by many carved horns throughout the morning.

First VPs to block dams

The janitors stepped in to take down the yellow vests that had re-entered Intermarch's logistics base at Lorillo this fourth morning. According to the Drom Prefecture, they have noted the offenses on the ground. The same thing in Arnes in Turnon, where the dam at the entrance to the bridge leading to Tain-Hermitage was not sufficiently filtered.

In Ardesh, yellow vests are still present in Pouzin, Davèzieux, Viviers, Saint-Just-d 'Ardèche or Aubenas and Lavilledieu. In Drôme, they are still present in particular at the crossing of Livron and Loriol and at the roundabout to the A7 in Malataverne (exchange between Montélimar-Sud) and a group is located in the morning of the barrier Taxi tolling in southern Valencia

Radars are burned, is there a connection?

Two radars were burned at night in Drom. That of Shabris near Crest and the radar building, located in the Lakra work area between the Romans and Valens. There is also a radar in Saint-Etienne-de-Valque on the Ardeche coast. These actions are not claimed, but we can not exclude connection with the movement of the yellow vests.

Action more calm, he claimed that in the Romans there were stickers of yellow vests that were glued to the tickets.

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