Wednesday , September 28 2022

Real Madrid – Zidane: "I'm counting on James and Bale"


The Real Madrid coach made a point on the Real Madrid transfer window, thinking himself happy that James and Bale were in their workforce.

Real Madrid will debut this Saturday in La Liga against Celta de Vigo. Zinedine Zidan appeared at a press conference this Friday to analyze the latest news from the white team.

This inevitably involves the transfer market and the final preparation of the workforce. And even if they were a little, Zidane still left clues:

What are the goals?
"We want to start now. Today was the last practice. We look forward to the match. We are ready."

Do you want more opt-in before you close the transfer window? Pogba?
"I'm pleased with my players. Tomorrow I will focus only on the match. My players too. Nothing more. We're ready. I have the best players. I have no doubt. The important thing for me is tomorrow. "

Do you see James fit? Are you happy to have one?
"I am happy to have him. He is in shape. I repeat what I say. I will count on them and they are happy to be here.

Win and play in some way or play?
"What interests me is playing well and winning, but winning is the result of what you do in the field. What we have to do is be competitive, do it right, together, I prefer to play well, it's important in Real Madrid. "

Do you like Neymar?
"He is not a Real Madrid player. The most important are the ones here.

Vinicius Junior Zinedine Zidane Real Madrid 2019

Why did you go from 4-3-3 to 3-5-2?
"Not that I wasn't convinced at all, but I wanted to try other schemes. We have other players who can do it. Then I have to choose the best team and the best scheme to oppose the opponent, nothing more."

Pogba's brother says the only missing player is Paul …
"Paul is from Manchester. You have to respect him. We're thinking about tomorrow's game. Nothing more.

Gareth Bale?
"He seemed to be leaving, but now he is here, things are changing and I will count on him. I will have everyone here. He is an important player and I hope all players get me into trouble. Be part of the team."

What is your plan with Vinicius?
"Vinicius is 18, but age does not matter. He is an important player and I will count on him. It is important for players to be prepared. . "

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