Friday , December 3 2021

six months in prison with probation for sexual violence


Kiss "with tongue"

According to the version of the young woman, who is now 18 years old, the musician will kiss her for the first time one night at the exit of the cinema. "Kiss with the tongue" according to him, "kiss", according to Ibrahim Maalouf, 33 years old at the time, in 2013.

For him, that girl came from her origin. "I took his wrist, I walked away from him, without hurry."

Two days later and according to the girl's version, the musician would kiss her again, in her recording studio this time, where she did an internship. He will be "caught by the pelvis", imitating sexual acts. "I felt his cock behind me on my ass," he told the researchers.

This second order never existed, because the part was held in the trumpet player bar, Nobel Music winner and Best Music Film Cesar. "However, I have no physical or sexual attraction" for this "teenager," he assured me, but felt "guilty" because "I don't know how to set limits".

The girl's health condition deteriorated

Parents did not report the facts until one year later, after he confessed to the doctor. He began to worry about himself and experience eating disorders, and has since done some hospitalization and therapy.

"How do you expect a girl whose health condition has objectively lowered herself, to lie, for no reason, just because she will be disappointed because she has been rejected?" his request. And greeted Ibrahim Maalouf: "It takes more than the right to interpret it for a 14-year-old girl."

No doubt for him, the girl, who wanted to become a trumpet player and admitted "fascinated", "fell in love" with musicians, "can be trusted". There are "surprises" and "obstacles," he said. "I thought it was something great that happened to me," said the girl. "I am grateful to him, I got the impression that he gave me a disproportionate interest, at my age, with his fame, I took the time to realize that it was not normal". "I know I'm telling the truth," he added in letters with a stiff but firm voice.

Prosecutors stressed "harmless" from musicians

In his speech, lawyer Ibrahim Maalouf, Maud Sobel, spoke of "spiteful love" of a girl who "would like this offense to continue". He begged for release, finding that there was no evidence to support his mistake.

In his submission, prosecutors showed "non-danger" Ibrahim Maalouf, and noted that he did not want to ask the latter, which taught music to young people, could no longer work with minors. "There are times when it can happen to each of us to commit violations," he said.

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