Sunday , September 26 2021

"Taxes That's Enough!": Schizophrenia Bruno Le Meyer

Cap. The Economy and Finance Minister, who heads a year and a half, made a stunning statement when he presented the Senate budget proposal for 2019.

Bruno Mayor will start a slingshot? While Emanuel Macron did not intend to drop the rise of fuel and Edward Philippe repeated last week he wants to keep the hat in 2019, Bruno Le Maire opposes the official line. "We will spend less and better, we will reduce the debt, but also the taxes of the French. We can see what is happening now: taxes are enough!" He said when presenting the draft budget for the Senate in 2019, reports Public Senate.

Purpose: 44.2% of the compulsory deductions

The upper chamber, mostly on the right, flashes ironically. "Chiche!" Philip Dalee, Senator LR, laughed. "Said Albreric Montgolfier (LR), the general budget of the rapporteur." Despite the sarcasm, Bruno Le Mayer defends his financial account, where he thinks "the economic choice is simple and strong." "The first is wage bill, the second choice is the investment , the third choice – I know that is being debated today – is that of the environment, We resolutely opt for sustainable growth that respects the environment and makes us make tax choices … while accompanying the French in this ecological transition. "Bruno Le Maire set out his ambition: to reduce the tax burden" from 45% to just over 44.2% ".

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