Saturday , February 4 2023

the bottom of Operation Mario Balotelli


All of Brescia held its breath for several days. It has to be said that the rumor of Mario Balotelli continues to feed the press trans-Alpine. And not Flamengo's withdrawal from the talks will sound a death knell for the hopes of the club, chaired by Massimo Celino. On the contrary … He intends to take advantage of his excellent relationship with Mino Rayola to finalize the arrival of Super Mario and offer a nice gift to his supporters.

In its edition of the day Gazzetta dello Sport it also reveals that a decisive meeting between the two men will be scheduled today to try to get a happy ending on the matter. Unless all parties have signed an agreement in recent days, Cellino seems far from giving up. Brescia's strong man sees in a very good eye Flamengo's departure, which encourages him to move up to persuade Balotelli to return to Serie A.

The outlines of a future contract with Balotelli revealed

But back in Italy, he rhymes with financial sacrifices for the Transalpine goal scorer. Will he be able to reduce his wages to get back into the fold? Italian media reported on Saturday that Massimo Celino had forecast a maximum salary of 1.5 million euros a year for Super Mario. It can even reach € 3 million with the help of numerous bonuses and contributions from generous sponsors. Brescia does not hide the fact that Mario Balotelli remains very attractive at the marketing level, which would generate good money for the modest Italian club …

It's time for reflection for Balotelli. Does he have to give up a comfortable salary to join a private club for the European Cup this season? Should he ignore all this in order to meet Brescia's challenge and hope to find Italian selection in the future? The stakes remain high for a player who has scored eight goals during his brief stint in OM. In Brescia, a season-plus-one contract would have to wait for Mario Balotelli. Today's meeting can be decisive …

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