Tuesday , September 21 2021

This nickname made him suffer a lot of children!

Always believe that. This is the first book titleIris Mittenaere, the biography released by Harper Collins on Wednesday, November 7. The former Miss Universe tells of her childhood in a small village in Flanders, in an imperfect house; then teenagers are sometimes complicated and clearly the extraordinary tales (not always pink!) of Miss. Children and adolescents, he did suffer from the eyes of others, and derogatory comments at school. Candidate Dance with stars who is one of the good students said in his book: "I always fight with boys. Or rather, I defend myself. When they insult me ​​or make fun of me, I don't let myself go: I try to take pictures. "

⋙ Iris Mittenaere: steamy in the hammam for her sister's birthday (PHOTO)

The reason? The criticism he gets from his physique. He was constantly told that he was too thin. Among the nicknames he heard? "Skewers"Insults that hurt him to the highest level."Children can be cruel to each other", said one who still kept real wounds today.It took me a long time to make peace with my image and managed to find me beautiful"He wrote.

⋙ Iris Mittenaere told how she managed to reconcile her divorced parents

In the interview, the former beauty queen explained to us: "Children and teenagers, it really hurts. This is not an action, something you do that you reproach, but your person. You are blamed for your physicality, your thinness, you are criticized for winning a crown that you don't deserve. It's difficult, we question ourselves. It is very painful"

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