Tuesday , March 2 2021

three suspects accused, the family song privileged

On August 23, at the very beginning of the day, Vincent Calves, a former trader who went to his Quimper workplace, was shot several times before his home in Planeve du Fou., in Finistère. Shock in this little village of Ploher that it haswas bornmobilizeabout 70 gendarmes, then stressed The telegram,

A few weeks later, the investigation seems to be reaching the target: three people were accused of being in the context of this thorny dossier. This is his wife, with whom he is divorced, the new companion of the latter and his partner, with whom he manages a construction company.

The competitor pays 7,500 euros

The chronology of the facts presented by local authorities deserves a black crime. This fellow has paid 7,500 euros for the baker's murder. At first he fired twice with a cut cannon, also touching the victim's new companion, seriously injured.

Then, with the help of a gun, he chucked his target with two bullets in his head. For the investigators, the companion and the alleged instigator of the plan, had intended to touch the legacy of the deceased, with whom she was still officially married, including her house,

The three suspects in the prison

Knowing the tense situation between the two spouses, the investigators first went to the new home of the woman she shared with her new companion. There the officers realize that the engine of this car is still hot. The first suspicions, confirmed by a scene witness, ensured that the shooter's car had yellow headlamps, the same as those of the suspect.

"Everything was carefully planned and prepared, the accomplices communicated with walkie-talkies, chose the weapons and analyzed the habits of the victims," ​​the authorities said. During their detention, the three suspects issued "conditional" confessions.

All three were transferred to three separate prisons, awaiting trial.

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