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What exactly blames for Japanese justice?

Carlos Ghosn, 12 February 2015 in Boulogne-Billancourt, during the presentation of the results of Renault 2014 – Jackie Demarton AFP

Arrested in Japan on Tuesday, and then detained, Carlos Ghosn, the head of the union, Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, is
suspected of financial abuse. But what exactly is the chief executive of the automotive giant? We are reviewing the situation.

  • Is he suspected of tax evasion?

No. After the initial confusing information, it became obvious that the unbelievers that justice suspects Carlos Gonz did not relate to their income communicated to the Japanese tax office but related to a document on the financial markets. Carlos Ghosn is a certifying suspect,
as CEO of Nissan, annual financial reports submitted by the Japanese financial authorities group between 2011 and 2015, knowing that they include inaccuracies in their own revenues.

If these suspicions are proven, he will be criminally responsible for the false information in this document called " yukashoken hokokusho "Registered companies are required to issue this document each year. This should include all the financial information for the group as well as the size of the collective remuneration of managers and the individual details of those who receive more than 100 million yen per year, "explains Jun Yokoyama, financial attorney of Daiwa Securities,

"This document aims to provide a complete overview of the company's situation and financial resources for markets, analysts and investors, and it has nothing to do with the income tax return provided to the tax department, which is an unpublished individual document," he adds. If a violation of this legislation is detected, the sentence is theoretically severe, but it depends on the type of misstatement, the official source of the financial sector said. In theory, "the more inaccuracies can distort investors' judgment, the greater the penalty."

  • What about the suspicion of misappropriation of corporate assets, embezzlement, improper working conditions, etc.? ?

No official source explains these suspicions. In addition to the misrepresentation, Nissan's executive director, Hiroto Saikawa, has mentioned the abuse of corporate assets, "whose seriousness is that according to one expert it is entirely justified to offer his dismissal." On the other hand, he did not give a concrete example. According to this information, the unregistered income of Carlos Gon is broadcast
including a subsidiary of Nissan based in the Netherlands.

He would have used exclusively four luxury homes in four single-country home -owned houses set up in 2010 and whose primary purpose was to invest startup, He also offers his sister a fictitious job. He would have paid more Nissan money for several family trips. There is currently no reason to confirm the accuracy of this information, which is not the reason why Carlos Ghosn was arrested.

  • Who is Greg Kelly, Carlos Gon's right hand is also arrested?

Greg Kelly has rarely spoken, but in Nissan he was seen as a man on the trust of the president. Joining Nissan's American subsidiary in 1988, after practicing as a lawyer, the 62-year-old American law graduate became a member of the group's leadership in 2008, which organizes the President's tasks. A year later, he also has other duties, including those of the Human Resources Department of the entire group and its communication.

He has risen to a head office in June 2012. His job title is limited since 2015, which has no value since the board of directors was deprived of his rights on Thursday. "He works closely with Carlos Gonzan, whom he trusts," says a former Nissan employee who has worked for Greg Kelly for a while. Jim Press, quoted by the Nikkei Business Journal, who was a consultant to the Renault-Nissan Alliance, insists on "his real abilities and ethical feelings."

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