Sunday , August 1 2021

when the mobilization of the "yellow vest" slumped

"There are places where it happened very well and others in that place were very cruel," Edouard Philippe said Sunday night in France 2, after two days of mobilizing "yellow vests". Of the 2,000 "blocking points" identified Saturday – there were no official figures communicated by the Interior Ministry for Sunday – some did experience slippage, reported by local media. While the movement, which wants to be free from unity and political framework, maintains around 350 blockage points on Monday, Europe 1 reviews the identified incident.

A racist racist in Cognac

A video filmed on Saturday by a reporter from Free Charente showing motorists trying to force a dam in Cognac, near a supermarket. A fight broke out between the "yellow vest" and the driver, where the latter was targeted by racist statements. "Come back to your country", can we especially hear these pictures.

A report made by the police to the public prosecutor who "will decide on court action" in this case, said the Charente prefecture on Facebook on Sunday, given that demonstrations "must be carried out in connection with all one each". It should be noted that a volunteer reporter from community radio also suffered racial abuse by closing the road blockade in Besançon on Saturday night, according to the East Republican.

A woman was forced to take off her veil at Aisne

Saturday afternoon, the mobilization was tarnished by scenes of violence at Saint-Quentin, in Aisne, reports Courrier Picard. Terminated by a "yellow vest" near a large area, a motorcyclist who did not participate in the movement was forced to take off his veil by several "very fiery" protesters. "What I saw was that they made monkey faces in front of the car," an eyewitness told local newspapers.

Homophobic attack on Bourg-en-Bresse

Saturday morning, a member of Bourg-en-Bresse's board and his colleague, who went shopping, was attacked at a roundabout blocked by a "yellow vest". "We got engaged without really knowing it and suddenly, it was a tornado in the car", testifying one of the two men with Voice of the Ain, convinced to have heard the demonstrators say "I admit it, it's a homo". If he managed to leave, the couple released impressive photos of damage to their car on social networks. The attack was condemned by Christophe Castaner on Twitter. "Trust our investigators who will explain these facts," said the Interior Minister.

Schools are closed after urban violence in Reunion

If demonstrations spill over at some blockage points – 315 arrests and 183 prisoners over the weekend -, they mainly commit violence in Reunion, where dozens of dams are put in a tense atmosphere. Rock fire, rubbish and tire fires, clashes with police … The prefecture decided to close most schools on the island and city council and consular rooms on Monday. The island's fuel depots were blocked, said Foreign Minister Annick Girardin, saying fear of "very quickly supplying problems" that "could touch the airport".

First judicial translation

After two days of mobilization, the translation of the first trial was held on Monday. A motorcyclist who drowned at a dam held by a "yellow vest" on Firminy, in the Loire, injured several people, was brought before the public prosecutor Saint-Etienne. Three other drivers must answer for deliberate violence with weapons, in this case their vehicles, during public demonstrations. Finally, the driver at the origin of the death of a protester on the sidelines of the blockade at Pont-de-Beauvoisin was charged and placed under judicial control on Sunday.

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