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2006 World Cup: Swiss authority charges against former DFB employees


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The Swiss authority charges against former DFB employees

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Twenty-one Nirsbach Twenty-one Nirsbach

Charges leveled against Theo Zwanziger (left) and Wolfgang Nirsbach in Switzerland

Source: pa / dpa / Fredrik von Erichsen

The Swiss federal prosecutor's office has indicted a 2006 World Cup indictment against former DFB officials Theo Zwantsiger, Wolfgang Nirsbach and Horst R. Schmidt. The Beckenbauer case is negotiated separately.

DThe Swiss Federal Prosecutor's Office (BA) has charged Tuesday with the makers of the 2006 World Cup 2006 fairytale. BA blames former DFB president Wolfgang Nirsbach and Theo Zwantsiger, former DFB secretary general Horst R. Schmidt and former secretary general of FSA "Malicious about the actual purpose of the € 6.7 million payment I had been fraudulent".

Zvanziger, Schmidt, and Linsey are accused of complicity. Nirsbach has been charged with half-fraud charges, as authorities announced on Tuesday. Defendants have always denied the allegations.

At the same time, the BA announced that the case against former AF chief Franz Beckenbauer would continue separately. Beckenbauer, the former luminary of German football, hardly appears in public. The reason for this is his state of health, which also "does not allow participation or questioning in the main proceedings before the Federal Criminal Court."

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As a result, the procedure may be terminated due to a restriction. Zvanziger, the last legally accepted crook. Investigators are being "driven," the 74-year-old said at the end of June with a view to limiting production.

A decision at first instance will have to be taken in Switzerland by 27 April 2020. It then notes the transfer of EUR 6.7 million from DFB through FIFA to former Adidas boss Robert Louis-Dreyfus for the 15th time. The amount was announced by DFB as a contribution to the World Cup cultural program, which ultimately did not exist.

"The procedure is so strange that every word forbids it"

Therefore, in 2015 criminal proceedings were opened in Switzerland on suspicion of fraud, fraudulent business transactions, money laundering and misappropriation against former Beckenbauer world champions. However, the suspected money laundering case ended in July. Zvanziger announced a press conference on 15 August.

"The whole process is so weird that in fact every word forbids it," said the former head of the German Football Association. "In this context, the word 'constitutional state' in Switzerland is simply an insult."

The investigations, which were also accompanied by background noise due to the allegedly close links between the BA and FIFA, were "nonsense" at the beginning. "They collide at high speed against a wall for a while – and they eventually win the wall," Zvanziger said.

Whether one of the central issues of the World Cup scandal in Switzerland can be clarified remains open. The 2005 transfer was preceded by a transfer of the same amount in 2002. Beckenbauer apparently borrowed money from Louis-Dreyfus and forwarded it to former FIFA employee Mohammed bin Hammam. Qatar has long been corrupt and locked away for life for all football activities. Why the money flowed in 2002, only the participants know.

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