Wednesday , September 28 2022

A famous big bakery ceased to work – it provided many bakery chains


"Not Competitive Now": One of the five largest bakery manufacturers in Germany is giving up. Nearly 1,000 employees are losing their jobs.

Würselen / Essen – A major player in food production: The insolvent Kronenbrot bakery will be closed on July 31st. In this way, nearly 1,000 company employees at the factories in Würselen, Cologne and Witten are losing their jobs, as Biron Bähr announced on Wednesday.

Founded in 1865, the company has long been struggling with significant problems. Two weeks ago he had to file for insolvency due to bankruptcy and over-indebtedness. The business was then initially extended. However, all attempts by the trustee to give the company a chance to survive were unsuccessful.

Großbäckerei Kronenbrot: "For many years no longer competitive" – ​​July 31 is over

"The bread of the crown is not competitive for many years, the production capacities are very old and no longer meet the requirements of modern production processes," Bähr said. a buyer for the group of bakers, failed.

Kronenbrot is one of the five largest bakery manufacturers in Germany, according to bankruptcy. The company manufactures bread and bakery products for retailers, distributors, bulk buyers, and retail chains. Recently, it generated annual sales of about 120 million euros.

Lately, especially fashion chains with bankruptcies and other economic problems have caused negative titles. So the fashion brand Tom Tailor has to be sold to China. The fashion chain AWG filed for bankruptcy. The producer of the Loewe TV also stopped working soon.

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