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Aldi: Disgusting discovery in vegetables: the customer finds it disgusting


What is this? And what do vegetables have to do with butter?

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Giant discount client Aldi Sude is now shocking with absolute disgust. In the photo, the woman documents her find.

Munich – With a truly disgusting find, it now shocks an Aldi South customer. On the discounter's official Facebook page, the customer posts a photo of a strange looking object. The involuntary "garnish" is mixed accordingly with it by the giant discounter who bought vegetables with butter. On closer inspection, however, the client had to lose his appetite.

Horrible find in Aldi butter vegetables: customer posting a picture of a disgusting find

It's just a little inconspicuous brown thing that the customer apparently holds on to a handkerchief in front of the camera. But the hideous find made the customer of the Aldi South branch only in their food. As the terrified woman explained on the official Facebook account page, the hideous mucus-graft was found in her vegetable oils bought previously at Aldi Sud. "That's what you find in Aldi's vegetable oil! Disgusting! ", Shows a terrified woman from her involuntarily found" supplement. "

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Discounter Aldi Süd responds to claims – customer is horrified by "headset"

What exactly is an undetectable brown substance remains unclear in a Facebook post. Shortly after his complaint, the discount giant then speaks for himself. "Thank you for informing directly about the unbound slice in vegetable oil. We would like to submit your information to our quality department and the supplier as soon as possible for review, "explains Aldi Sued under the posted photo.

Awesome find in Aldi: unclear what woman found in greased vegetables

The angry customer can then report his disgusting finding via a contact form. Whether the disgusting find was actually in vegetable oil and what the rumor is all about will probably remain a mystery.

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