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Aldi trap: With this product, customers risk fines and advertisements


Aldi entices on Monday with a summer offer that looks very practical. But if it is abused, the client is threatened with advertising as well as with a fine.

Autumn – Suitable for the annual summer mosquito plague, Aldi entices with an alleged deal. But not only for the insects, the light trap could have been an unpleasant surprise. Because consumers risk legal problems.

Aldi Nord offers cheap insect traps starting Monday (July 29th). Specifically, UV lamps that attract mosquitoes with their light and then kill pests at 20,000 volts. These light traps are a concept for most customers, but only a few know their exact details. Kill lamps have two huge hooks.

Electric insect killers at Aldy do not attract almost any mosquitoes

As a client, it is rightly assumed that UV lamps specifically attract pests into the trap, but that can not be the case. Because of the bluish light, moths and moths can not be attracted to the human soul.

The reason: Butterflies are based on the moon and other celestial bodies. So the most common scientific theory of navigation. Blood-reds, on the other hand, depend on the scent of the body and the warmth of their victims. Light is hardly a role for mosquitoes.

This is confirmed by a study of the German Union for the Conservation of Nature, of which The reported. A murder lamp mounted in Bonn sent 3,742 insects to the (electrical) grid, but only 52 were mosquitoes. Therefore, more than 99% of the dead animals are completely harmless to humans.

Aldi resents the Conservation Association with the mosquitoes that kill the mosquitoes

That is why the Union for Nature Conservation has a clear opinion on insect breeders. "The marketed insect killing lamps are a nuisance," Julian Heyerman complains. "On the one hand, we are struggling to increase insect poverty, on the other hand, we also offer such devices with often misleading advertising promises."

Even what the spokesperson for environmental information with promising misleading advertising means it's not a mystery. Because the second catch of UV traps is all.

Aldi insect trap can have a dear game after switching on

What hardly anyone knows about installing outdoor UV traps is illegal. The unusually high percentage of Fremdfang has led to strict decrees in the Federal Nature Conservation Act and the Bundesartschutzverordnung. So anyone who hangs an insect bug in the garden acts illegally and risks not only a fine but also advertising.

Aldi reacted disappointingly to criticism of UV insect traps

Online Magazine collided with the disc with the clear findings of the light traps available. Aldy Nord's answer came closer to a soothing phrase: "The two proposed killers of KIGG insects are designed to reduce unwanted insects in dry rooms designed," says the press service of the discount chain, "of course, we show our customers The packaging of the devices as well as the operating instructions on several occasions make it clear that they are intended exclusively for indoor use. This should exclude misuse or purchase in the case of false assumptions about renaming. "

However, looking at Aldi Nord's offer shows: the product description, at least in the online store, does not contain a word about the conditions of use of UV traps.

Mosquito lights threaten to become Aldi Nord's own goal. In this way, the company recently stepped on another product and won a full shitstorm.

There were ridicule from rival Lidl, but not for that. In a funny advertising campaign, he took almost all German supermarkets and grain discount chains.

A sad incident happened in England: A few weeks after a shocking Aldie's experience, a woman died.

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