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Andreas Gabalie: Brother reveals – "Man didn't know …" – Panorama


Andreas Gabalieu at clinic: Brother shocks fans with THIS statement – "Dramatic Situations"

Andreas Gabalie has not done well in the last few days.

Andreas Gabalie has not done well in the last few days.

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Fear around Andreas Gabalie, A few days ago the Austrian superstar was admitted to the clinic. Now his brother Willie Gabalier is talking. And he has no reassuring news for the singer Hulapala.

After yourself Andreas Gabalie His brother has now entered the details of a live video on Facebook, even from the clinic and his fans had to bring the sad news, the concert is completely canceled. He revealed to RTL: "Andy really isn't that good."

Andreas Gabalieu: Brother shocked by the statement

Brother Willie continues: "We were all very scared, Mom was completely exhausted and very worried." For one week, the singer kept no food or fluid and lost weight dramatically. "These were dramatic situations because you didn't know where this was coming from."

About two weeks later, the diagnosis was finally made, as the professional dancer further explains. Doctors discovered two viruses that completely destroyed it.


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Andreas Gabalieu: "I am very sad that today we had to make a decision"

Most recently, Andreas Gabalier had to cancel an announcement: “It is very sad to me that today we had to make the decision to end the concert in Huttwil on Wednesday, but the doctors have strictly forbidden me to perform. We make every effort to inform you as soon as possible of our further course. Your folk rocker. "

The singer's fans are sympathetic to the cancellation of the concert.

  • robert.kratky: "heal man soon !!"
  • kims.wonderland: "Health just happens. Get well and get back on your feet! "
  • chrissi75: "Get well and heal soon."

Andreas Gabalie: Big concern for the pop singer

Earlier this week, it was still unclear how Andreas Gaballier's health would develop.

"My dear fan base, some nasty kryptonite takes down a mountain man," says Andreas Gabalie.

And it goes on to say: "I lie flat for three days and have to let some strange drops of fluid flow into me because after 500 sessions and six pounds less fluid, my bowels can no longer absorb. That's why I'm lying here at the state hospital and I hope it's better by Wednesday. We have to play our concert in Switzerland. "

Andreas Gabalieu: The first thought went to the fans

He honors the Hulapalu singer that even in such an unpleasant situation he thinks only of his fans. Still, when you see Andreas Gaballier's photos, it's hard to believe that he might be fit enough to stand on stage for three hours until Wednesday.

Andreas Gabalieu is also not fully convinced of the flashy recovery: "At the moment I am not feeling well and I hope that some magic will remain that will allow the Mountain Man to fly again so that we can continue on Wednesday and maybe on Saturday, then you can light up for you.

I'm in the best hands here, nurses and doctoral students even make me a terrible apprentice (shredded apple, editor's note) so I can get back on my feet. But right now it looks really bad in my stomach because I can't absorb water. I just wanted to say this as a little warning and send you greetings from the hospital. It's not funny to lie here. "

Funny not, but at least he managed to get distracted with the World Motorcycle Championship (MotoGP) on television.

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Fans are very worried about Andreas Gaballier

His fans send Andreas Gabler, in any case, only the best congratulations:

  • "Hello dear Andreas, we pray for you that you will feel better soon!"
  • Get well soon.
  • "With all my heart, I wish you a speedy and speedy recovery. Messenger out !!!! "
  • "Get well soon, maybe you need some rest."
  • "I send you very good thoughts, strength and positive energy !! You need to adjust quickly. "

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In the meantime, it seems Andreas Gabalie to get back on the road to recovery. On Facebook, the singer again addressed his fans: "My dear fan base, I'm on the road to recovery!"

You don't have to worry so much, that's why the singer. The antibiotics would attack. The embryo he had caught while bathing or eating was struggling well.

Opportunity to perform on Saturday

Against the picture, Gabalier said he could accept his performance on Saturday (August 17th). "This infection was already a difficult number! But you will rock the concert on Saturday. "

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