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ARD interrupts Pilawa concert live at worst: viewers: "The Bottomless Impulse"

What should he do? The ARD show broke the live show "Quizduell" on Friday. Amazement and anger were great.

Berlin – ARD show "Quiz duel" on the run has many fans. And they had to make a shock on Friday at the most exciting time. how the transfer is completed a few seconds before the last question is resolved. Viewers did not see the answer but suddenly credits to Watzmann set a split screen trailer. also solves the reason: After a "quiz duel" followed by advertising, a short sports show, as well as time and news on the stock market before the main news program "Tagesschau" begins. And all this is right in time. The transmission of the quiz has therefore probably had to be stopped.

Station spokesman confirmed backgrounds: "The Quiz duel final was exciting today and therefore unusually long," the ARD spokesman said. "Eva's program in the first is structured in a minute, which unfortunately means that the audience can not see the solution on TV. This can happen at a live event like "Quiz duel" the night before, even if we regret, of course. "

The ARD "Quiz Duel" interrupted – because the transmitter did not want to do without the "Watzmann" trailer

strong but everything could work if the transmitter would give up the Watsman trailer. But this is probably not an alternative – you prefer the viewers' resolution before the last question. By the way, candidates must know how many points the winner of the Portuguese ESC Salvador Sobral in 2017. Hans Sigl was closer to the correct answer than 758 points than studio candidate Ulrike Karner.

The answer to this question is ARD on TV guilty.

© Photo: ARD

"The ARD quiz duel was just strangled Who won?

Viewers did not like the abrupt ending of their program. "The ARD quiz duel was just strangled Who won and what was the resolution of the question?", Asks a user of Twitter ARD's response: "You can rescind the resolution in our media library :)" The unfortunate reaction that the program is also there, says, "The episode will be placed in full length in the media library. We want a little patience! "

This crisis management in ARD is criticizing: "This is not really your answer to this tweet, is it?", He says a user is still moderate. Another becomes more heartfelt. "In any case, we will not include your transmitter in the future, it's the bottomless bentness, but you're collecting fees for NOTHING!

The media library now has two versions of the program. One with the label "incomplete" and comment "The Quiz duel final with Ulrike Kriener and Hans Sigl was particularly exciting and therefore unusually long." The pre-program in the first was structured in a minute, which unfortunately meant that the audience could not witness of the living decision. "After all, the other is complete.

"ARD quiz duel" canceled – "Well the main thing I could see Watzmann's review for the 100th time"

"Well, most importantly, I could see Watzmann's review for the 100th time," another user complains. Another one sees the moderator's guilt: "Maybe Fools usually have to talk a little less, and then work well with time." It was not the first time, another engraved: "Fly or the first time next, please pay some of my mandatory GET after such an absurd end! Many thanks to the public-law … You become rather a contradiction in itself.

Even in a talk show recently there was a TV scandal: a celebrity was under the skirt.

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