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Bayern München – Real Time Milan: Bayern is too volatile – is he still punished?


Bayern Munich meets Milan with his last friend on his trip to the United States. Here is the live game teaker.

Bayern Munich – Milan 1: 0 (1: 0) Launched: Wednesday, 3 pm CEST

Bayern Munich: New – Kimich, Sulle, Pavad, Davis – Toliz, Sanchez, Goretka – Mueller, Arp, Coman

Milan: Donnarumma – Calabria, Gabbia, Strinic, Hernandez – Biglia, Calhanoglu, Borini, Maldini – Piattek, Castilejo

gates: 1: 0 Goretka (45 + 3).

>>> Updating <<<

82 minutes: And suddenly the ball is in the net and Arp begins to cheer. But his goal is called back because of the game. He remains in a narrow lead over Bayern.

80th minute: And now is Muller's final, which was replaced by Stiller.

76 minutes: Calhanoglu checks Ulreich from the second row with a strong blow. The goalkeeper raises his arms and can fight, Suele goes to the corner, but there is no danger behind the cross.

70th minute: AC continues to have tremendous problems with Bayern's pressure – always leading to a loss in the ball of half the Italians. However, reds can not yet take advantage of these opportunities.

64 minutes: Süle with a big mistake in the construction game! Cutrone rushes to Ulreich, but the goalkeeper puts his feet at the right time and can scam brilliantly.

61 minutes: Alabama's move places Pavard in the right position and Davis moves forward one position ahead. Kovac uses the test matches logically and rotates.

Minutes: Double change in Bayern: Alabama and Singh come to Coman and Sanchez.

55 minutes: A similar half-time shot: Bayern with much more control of the ball and good pressure. The result: a corner on the right side of Tiago, who plays the Sanchez cross in the back. Sanchez takes the ball from the ball, but does not hit him carefully, so Donnarumma has no problems.

Minute: Absolutely useless Calhanoglu foul and a perfectly legitimate yellow card. On the left wing Komman overcomes him effortlessly, so he does a rough fight. Koman did not approve the entry of the Turks and should be detained. But she continues for him.

46 minutes: On a holiday in Bayern there were several changes. Kimic, Tollis and Neuer are out – Thiago, Ulroych and Mihalevich are in the game.

46 minutes: Continuing with the second half!

Bayern Munich vs Real Time: Goretka shoots just before the break

Halfway: And that was the first round!

45. + 3 Minutes: Tooooooooooor to Bayern! Goretka with 1: 0! Coman moves to the right side of Kimich, who quickly switches and plays on Gorettaka. Goretakka pulls the ball well and Donnarum has no chance. Very good game!

45 +. 1 minute: Kimik takes the standard to the second post, but goalkeeper Donnarumma has his hands in the game again. There is no danger.

45 minutes: Three minutes are played again and Bayern introduces just before the break again on the corner.

44 minutes: So it is. Hernandez has to be dragged and will now be replaced by Conti.

42 minutes into the game: This does not look good, unfortunately! Milanese player Hernandez breaks and needs to be treated. This is the beginning of the first change.

Minute: Bayern's corner on the left – Arp hit the ball on a short post, but the corner does not detect one.

36 minutes: Maldini defeats Sanchez and this gives a very good standard situation of 25 meters. Goretka tested a variant and spent the ball through Muller's wall, which was forwarding it to Arp. The former hamburger pulls away but his shot is blocked.

33 minutes: Going forward, makes Sanches much better! For Kimmich arrives the loader with the Portuguese, who have tried 25 meters with a powerful punch and is almost rewarded. His shot goes very close to the left.

31 minutes: He is not well defended by Davis and Sanchez on the left – Calabria is cleverly played by Calhanoglu and then sent a sharp cross of Bayern's penalty but none of the Milanians come to the ball.

29 minutes: Second corner as a result of the Italians who have fought the last few minutes in the game and are now doing well. But the bayer has protected each of them. Continue 0: 0.

26 minutes: A brief moment of shock in Bayern, as Arp holds his ankle after a duel, but the youth is likely to continue playing.

23 minutes: If the Italians come in front of the gate, then it's really dangerous! Piatec moves to the baseline and then drops to the back of Maldini, who is near the lying position – his experience is just over the crossbar. The best chance in the game so far!

18th minute: Bayern are very good in the game and play with a lot of speed and train to the gate. Milan is almost unstructured development game, as always the Bayern player is in place and builds pressure.

15 minutes: Another corner for the reds – this time Kimmich puts a long ball, but Donnarumma returns to the spot and pulls the ball out of the dangerous road.

12th minute: Bayern with another corner. Kimic leaves and after a few stops the ball falls to Sulle, who tries to cross, but the Italians can clear up.

8 minutes: A good header for Müller, but he does not get enough energy behind the ball and Donnrumma has no problems.

4 minutes: Milan, but with the first good chance in the game! Hernandez confronted Noyer with a fierce shot, but the goalkeeper could scream.

3 minutes: The first corner for Bayern on the right, but the cross does not pose any danger.

1st minute: And that comes pretty surprising. Lewandowski was originally included in the starting XI, but now Jan-Fiete Arp is on the pitch. Let's hope that the change of mind has nothing to do with an injury. Thus Arp takes Poland's stance at the center of the storms.

1 minute: home! A little delay finally happens in Kansas!

Bayern and Milan in real time: Davis starts on the left

2.57 clock: By the way, with Patec Lewandowski meeting old acquaintance of the Polish national team today. The two teams will score today. Piatec came from FC Genoa last season and scored 22 goals in Serie A. Who will be more successful today?

02:52: After a few minutes it's home! Will Bayern win his second victory in the third ICC game?

2.48 clock: Interesting in Niko Kovac's composition: he again tries him with Alfonso Davis as a left back. Let's see how Canadians become today. In addition, Renato Sanchez may start again and newcomer Benjamin Pavard collects more minutes in Bayern's dress.

2:42 pm: And so begins the team of Marco Jaampaolo.

Bayern vs AC Milan in a live soccer: Newcomer starts – Sanches again from the start

2.33 clock: Well, go! The starting team of Bayern is here!

2.29 clock: It can not take much longer for the compositions to arrive. Meanwhile, Serge Gnabri is already busy signing autographs. Is he today at the starting eleven?

02:07: A look at the Children's Park of Grace in Kansas City, home to today's meeting. Nearly 19,000 viewers are here.

1.43 clock: More than an hour starts in Kansas between FC Bayern and AC Milan!

22:45: A few hours before the test match, Munich became known: Bayern's president Uli Hönes had to plan his final retreat. He must even have a receiver of desire.

3:03 It is now clear that FC Bayern will play friendly against Milan in the new Champions League games.

+++ Hello and welcome to our live ticker, on Bayern Munich be denied the last test of the trip in the USOpponent is the first Italian division MilanThe match started at the beginning of Wednesday morning at 3:00 am During the Central European Daylight Saving Time (CEST) in Kansas City – Tuesday, 20:00.

Preliminary Report: Bayern München vs AC Milan – Match Test

FC Bayern Munich faced Milan in its last US friendly match. The German record champion against the traditional Italian club – for Bayern coach Niko Kovac, this is another building block in the great preparation.

"We are very pleased with the preparation, with what we have done both physically and football, and what we have shown in both games," Kovac said. His conclusion after an eight-day trip to the United States sounds positive. He wants to build on Milan. "Here we have very attractive opponents and well-known opponents because you want to present yourself in good light," said the coach. Find out where the game is *.

Bayern München vs AC Milan: Kovac expects "good atmosphere"

The match against the 18-time Italian champion rises in the Kansas City Kindergarten Park. For Kovac one more reason to enjoy. "The stadium is similar in size to Los Angeles. We expect a good atmosphere, "he said.

As a whole, the FCB coach made a good conclusion before the final against Milan. The boys look very fresh and rested despite their long journeys and long flights. This shows that the trip so far has been a great success, "he said.

However, FC Bayern is still looking for reinforcements, Mark Roca is considered a hot candidate. But in terms of Leroy Sane and Munich, hope did not give up. Also, a crazy comparison was made between Kovac and Real coach Zinedine Zidane.

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