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BMW Z4 in test: third-generation white-blue roadster

First impression: With the departure of the retractable and hard roof and the return of the textile roof from the Z4, it was seen as soon as the roadster got excited. And new proportions that are slightly sharp are also not bad for him.

The manufacturer said: For Jos van As, who manages the development of driving dynamics in BMW, the new Z4 is a car for people who get up early. If the last generation of Roadsters is so well-coordinated and comfortable that it is rather used for coffee trips on Sunday afternoons, you should set an alarm clock and start early in the morning when the streets are empty. The new direction of the car also changes position in a competitive environment. Instead of the Mercedes SLC or Audi TT aiming at the Z4 now more on the Porsche 718 Boxster.

We pay attention to that The new Z4 is a car that immediately turns on. You just sit right on the road, and the cockpit looks close and leaning towards the driver. While someone subconsciously takes a relaxed attitude in the previous model, someone moves almost automatically to the Hab-Eight position in a new car, grabs the steering wheel with both hands and looks forward in concentration.

Especially when you are sitting on the M40i, with BMW managers wanting to make it clear from the start where the trip will take place. After all, the top version of the Z4 is the only one with a straight six-cylinder engine. It's interesting with 340 hp and even more with 500 Nm of torque. Of course you can also move the car relaxed and bubbly with it on Sunday afternoons on the boulevard – there is a "comfortable" position on the switch driving experience. Drivers can also sweep the highway in "Sport" mode.

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BMW Z4 signature:
Just fitter

The Z4 vigorously scratches its corners, thanks to the new suspension with wider tracks and shorter wheelbase, thanks to lighter weight and because the transmission intelligently handles the rear wheels. In this way, the limits of driving physics can be explored boldly. The steering works right, the accelerator pedal animates. So the driver cuts the road and approaches the euphoria of purpose. This brings back memories of times when the roadster is still a radical and not car – like the last Z4 – a lifestyle that is marketing driven, more suitable for walking than for speeding.

There is no difference with its predecessor, however, felt on the roof – despite other technologies. Although it actually looks like a classic roadster cap because of its fabric cover, it folds quickly and requires less space than a hardtop, which is why the trunk now holds half of the 281 liters. In addition, the new hood contributes greatly to the fact that the Z4 though is a new format with 50 pounds lighter. Although the textile cover, does not expand, does not vibrate and rustle and protects also from sound and wind as a hardtop – because basically the roof is very large with a coat, very wide is the arc of construction.

Take a look inside the BMW Z4 – with our 360 degree photos:

You must know that: The Z4, which has grown in length and width, just in time to start the new open season next March – and of course not only the M40i, which costs 60,950 euros. The model range starts at 40,950 euros for the Z4 20i, which drives a 197-hp 2.0-liter engine. Among the ratings are 48,950 euros from 30i, where identical four-cylinder engines come to 258 hp.

Incidentally, Z4 isn't alone at the start. In order to market the Roadster in an economically shrinking market, BMW has a Japanese brand that Toyota carries. According to the specifications of Tokyo, therefore, the coupe was developed in Munich, which runs along with Z4 in Magna in Graz by the band and next year as the successor to the Toyota Supra compete.

We will not forget that: How different is ten seconds that the roof needs to open or close. On the one hand, this seems quite fast, especially compared to the previous model and its dense folding roof. But the more highway passes, the longer ten seconds drag, where people cannot exceed 50 km – because the automatic roof works only at lower speeds. Then every time it becomes a torment – what do you wake up in the morning?

vehicle registration

producer: BMW
type: Z4 M40i
body: Roadster
machine: A six-cylinder direct injection turbocharged gasoline engine
transmission: Automatic eight speed
drive: back
displacement: 2,998 ccm
electricity: 340 hp (250 kW)
torque: 500 Nm
From 0 to 100: 4.6 s
Top speed: 250 km / hour
Consumption (ECE): 7.1 liters
CO2emission: 162 g / km
stem: 281 liters
weight: 1,610 kg
dimension: 4324/1864/1304
Price: 60,950 EUR

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