Tuesday , August 16 2022

Call Netto Back: Affected Popular Drink – Bottles Can Break Out


The Netto Discounter has to call back the drink because the bottles may burst. As a result, there is a danger of glass splits.

Elsendorf – Because the bottles can burst, the manufacturer recalls some Spritzer fruit apples. The drink was sold at stores in the Netto Marken-Discount chain in parts of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, the Horneck brewery in Eelsendorf near Ingolstadt announced on Tuesday. Affected are 0.5 liter glass bottles with the best before date 26/03/2020.

Remember on Netto: Bottles can burst

The problem: bottles can burst, so there is a risk of glass bits. "It cannot be ruled out that yeast fermentation processes have taken place in individual cases. This fermentation process can lead to pressure buildup in the bottle. Also, because of the high temperatures, the risk of bursting cannot be ruled out for individual bottles, "said a brewery spokesman.

The product concerned was immediately removed from the range. Goods can also be returned without a receipt. Cylinders with other expiry dates and other fruit island products are not affected.

Not only Netto, but Edeka must now recall a very popular sausage product. It is also worth remembering the spice of a company from Lower Bavaria – there is a deadly danger.


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