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Cologne: The bomb at Lindenthal at Uniclinic is defused


Cologne –

During the construction work on the corner of the Robert-Koch-Strasse Gyrhofstraße in Cologne-Lindenthal, a bombing of World War II was found on Wednesday afternoon, August 7, 2019.

It was an English 5-center bomb with a so-called shock guard. This was announced by the city of Cologne. The bomb was defused Wednesday night.


Excitement in Cologne-Lindenthal on Wednesday: Rescue crews are on site at Robert Koch Street.

Cologne bomb discovered: prevents evacuation

The Ammunition Destruction Service has identified a danger zone of 300 meters. The boss on this day: Fritz Pütz. The experienced professional was responsible for the process and managed the disposal.


He is EProfi: Fritz Pütz takes care of the smooth progress of bomb disposal in Cologne-Lindenthal.

Around 6.30 pm The official bureau of the city officially began the evacuation. About 1,000 residents were affected. This was reported by Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger. The evacuation, however, was damaged. Rain, lightning and thunder caused a waste of time.

The cafeteria of the University of Zülpicher Straße has become a focal point for residents affected by the evacuation.

Cologne Lindenthal Bomb

Venue: Behind the yellow excavator is a bomb dating back to World War II.

Cologne bomb: Uniklinik and Weyertal have not been cleared

For safety reasons, patients at Cologne University Hospital and Weierthal Hospital were moved inside their building complexes. The houses did not have to be evacuated because of the bomb. (Mcl / DOB)

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