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The vessels on the side channel of the Elbe stand in front of the ship of the Scharnebek lift and do not go forward or back.

The snake before The Sharnebeck ship lift (Lüneburg District) is getting longer with each passing day: about 80 ships are currently in Elbe side canal mandatory rest, as a spokesman for the Water and Shipping Authority (WSA) said in Lonburg on Tuesday. Some of them can no longer go forward or back in five days. The reason for the congestion is the damage to the trail in nearby Gestchacht (Duchy of Lauenburg). As water was to be drained there, the water level dropped into the side channel of the Elbe and the ship's elevator had to stop working. Meanwhile, work on the barrel repair is almost complete. This morning the work must be accepted.


The defective Elbe Dam prevents traffic obstruction

Hello Lower Saxony

About 60 ships are stranded in the Geesthacht by the side channel of the Elbe. The cause is damage to the dam. Repairs take longer than expected.

It takes days to clear the congestion

If all goes well, the reappearance of Elbewasser could begin, said a WSA spokesman. The water level, which has dropped by about 50 centimeters, must first rise slightly by 20 centimeters. The ship's elevator is likely to resume operation Thursday morning, said a spokesman for the competent shipping service in Uelzen. But it will take days until the congestion is completely dispelled. "We do one ship an hour well," the spokesman said. This will lock the locks until the weekend.

Damage to owners in the 6-digit range

In the meantime, the European Barge Association complains about the huge impact of traffic congestion. Some ships could not reach the planned connections with the large cargoes from Hamburg, it is said. "This makes the shipping company lose sales of at least 200,000 euros a week," said shipowner Henning Zhang of NDR 1 Niedersachsen. He's stuck on the canal over the weekend – and spends his time cleaning and painting. Barges blame the authorities for knowing about the wilderness problem since May. However, the Water and Shipping Authority disputes this.

Map: Geesthacht Open Barrage: Elbpegel sunk

Repairs are more expensive than expected

Damages to the Elb beach were spotted Friday afternoon. Since then, work has been done to fill the holes in the dam. According to a WSA spokesman last weekend, the dam was stabilized with 4,600 tonnes of sand and gravel. In order to avoid flow pressure on the dam, water is drained through a drainage hole. Throughout the upper basin between Gesthacht Elbe to Charnebeck, lower the water level in a sequence by about half a meter.

Restrictions also on the Elbe-Lubeck Canal

Since the Scharnebeck elevator on the Elbe side canal could no longer operate from a drop of over 40 centimeters or less than four meters, the operation had to be stopped there. The closure of the entire hinterland of the port of Hamburg is affected, in addition to the side channel of the Elbe in Lower Saxony, as well as the Elbe-Lubeck channel.

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Schleswig-Holstein Magazine

Schleswig-Holstein Magazine

More than 30 cargo vessels in the Elbe have to be patient: the damage, which was discovered on Friday, was repaired almost daily.
Video (01:03 min.)


Schleswig-Holstein Magazine

08/03/2019 19:30 clock

Schleswig-Holstein Magazine

As the dam became unstable due to insufficient redness, the Gesthacht Dam was opened. The water level in Elba dropped. As a result, ship traffic was massively interrupted.
Video (00:38 min.)

Due to the extreme heat and drought, the rivers in Lower Saxony only carry very little water. That is why a special measurement program is already underway in Elba. (08/01/2019)

The low water level in the Elbe continues to create problems – and is already reminiscent of the situation over the past year. However: ferries are – with one exception – still. (17/07/2019)

Just 33 days after opening, it arrives on the Elbe coastal canal on July 18, 1976. Disaster: A dam breaks, water erupts in the countryside. A race against the weather begins.

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