Saturday , July 31 2021

Election details: Nearly 900 wrong votes were given – Political News

Directly from the dpa news channel

Frankfurt / Main (AP) – In the election of the Hessian country nearly 900 votes from Frankfurt were wrongly assigned to the election night. That was said for the Frankfurt election city council Jan Schneider (CDU) in an interview with the newspaper "Frankfurter Neue Presse". "That's too much, there's no question, but they have no reason to doubt the whole election," Schneider said. A total of 270,813 votes were cast in Frankfurt on October 28, where only under 900 were wrongly assigned.

Schneider said in an interview, he deeply regretted "that there was a problem with instant messages on election night". Currently examined, what has fallen asleep and what consequences will be taken from it. "But one thing that I can confirm is that there is never a danger that the voice will not be recognized." He said on Monday after the election that there were technical difficulties in communicating the results.

The final election results for Hesse will be available this Friday (November 16). Then it will also be clear whether there will be a shift. CDU has become the strongest force in the elections on October 28 after the initial official results and can continue the coalition with the Green Party.

Green only before the strongest strength of the second SPD, national, the projection is 94 votes. If the SPD takes over Green in the end, this can have consequences for the formation of a government. The FDP is only open to talk about traffic light alliances, if this will be formed under the leadership of the SPD.

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