Friday , March 31 2023

Farewell to Brussels: Von der Lien departs with "Wind of Change"


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<p class=Ursula von der Leyen was solemnly adopted in the presence of Crump-Karenbauer and General Zorn, Inspector General of the Bundeswehr, with a large tattoo.

(Photo: Picture Union / dpa)

Former Defense Minister von der Lyons has been relieved of his post with a solemn command. Goodbye, Stabsmusikkorps plays the Scorpions hit, creating emotional moments.

Drum roll and marching music, boots hitting the asphalt, torchbearers immerse the march in a fire-red light: With a large tattoo, the highest military ceremony of the German Armed Forces, the new Minister of Defense Anegret Kramp-Karenbauernbauern Leinen from the post, von der Lien joins Brussels as President of the European Commission. "Tonight we can honor you for what you have done for the Bundeswehr and our country. You have a compass for future viability," said Crump-Karenbauer, who is also the head of the CDU, at a reception before the ceremony,

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<p class=Chancellor Merkel says goodbye to von der Lien in her role as Minister of Defense.

(Photo: Picture Union / dpa)

Chancellor Angela Merkel thanks Leyen. She said that the task at the helm of the Ministry of Defense was her most difficult political task to date. For Stabsmusikkorps, the medieval anthem "Ave Verum" set by Mozart and the European anthem "Ode an die Freude" by Ludwig van Beethoven's Ninth Symphony were on the agenda of the Benderblock ceremony in Berlin. Traditionally, solo music pieces of the honor are also played. Von der Lien also wished to say goodbye to the "Wind of Change" by the Scorpions, presented by military musicians with a Saxophone saxophone, where the lead guitar otherwise clings. With a gleaming eye, the former minister listened to a song that was not easy for the Bundeswehr musicians to play.

The scorpions are descended from Lien itself from Lower Saxony and have something to do with it. Internationally, they are highly valued – sometimes more than at home. Scorpions singer Klaus Mein sees in the song the hope for peace in the world. In addition, the song means coming closer to Europe, the musician said. The song was written in September 1989 under the impression that the world is changing before our eyes. As a composer, one had absorbed the feelings at that time.

Far from peaceful coexistence

"Especially with how much love we received as a German band in Russia, building bridges with music – that was the intention back then," Mein said. "At the moment a strong wind is blowing, we are far from peaceful coexistence," so Mayne. "We are all strong, but only together. We can only solve the problems of time together. This is still the hope of the song after all these years."

The ceremony originated in its present form in the early 19th century during the Liberation Wars, when the ritual was supplemented by a short evening song and then a prayer. The Bundeswehr Grand Hour today consists of the "curls" of the minstrels, the emergence of the Music Corps and mounted troops, prayer and a national anthem. Critics of the Great Tsunami see the military ceremony in the immediate tradition of Hitler's Prussian parades and torch trains, and speak of the symbol of Prussian and German militarism.

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