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Germany weather: Super hail with hailstorms and thunderstorms – thunderstorm warning


The weather in Germany will remain rather turbulent in August 2019. The week begins with hail, lightning and thunder – but that's not all. It gets really dangerous in some parts.

  • The heatwaves, bad weather and numerous warnings from DWD – the ups and downs in terms of weather were extreme.
  • In July there were some cases still up to 40 degrees, but August started with heavy thunderstorms.
  • After heavy rain from recent days, the weather in Germany remains unstable.

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Weather in Germany: Meteorological Service warns of supercells – 40 liters per square meter of rainfall

Updated on August 6, 9:46 am: Thunderstorms are not the same storm, writes the German Meteorological Service (DWD) on its website for the meteorological keyword "supercell" – the strongest form of thunderstorms. With the rains and thunderstorms moving across the country today. But in some parts of Germany, these so-called supercells are threatening on Tuesday.

"From France and Switzerland attracts stormy storms in the evening," warns DWD meteorological experts. "Which moves east, south of the Danube." When it thunders there, it becomes very difficult. Up to 40 liters per square meter of rain, hail (up to three centimeters) and strong gusts of up to 100 km / h can be expected in a short time. bad weather threat currently in:

  • Baden-Württemberg – Montenegro
  • Bavaria – Alpine region to the Bavarian Forest
  • Hesse

Flood risk: From Eiffel to Brandenburg, heavy rain is coming. This can lead to small scale flooding.

Meteorological expert with August forecast: 80 percent will continue this way

Updated on August 5, 2:18 pm: According to the Copernicus Office for Climate Change, July 2019 was the hottest month in measurement history. The average temperature was just above the record month so far, July 2016, as Copernicus (Copernicus Climate Change Office, C3S) announced on Monday. The difference is very small at 0.04 degrees.

Compared to the average from 1981 to 2010, this July was 0.56 degrees warmer. "It was almost 1.2 degrees warmer than the pre-industrial level determined by the IPCC," the release said. Copernicus is a European Union Earth observation program based largely on satellite data.

The Climate Change Office also said that the whole of 2019 has been extremely warm so far. All months are in the Copernicus data among the hottest four of the respective comparative months. June 2019 was the hottest June so far. "Further greenhouse gas emissions and the resulting global warming impact will break further records in the future," predicts Jean-Noël Thépaut, head of the institute.

Weather in Germany: Meteorologist estimates – up to 80% goes in August, etc.

Updated on August 5, 10:55 am: Gernot Schütz, a meteorologist, has now launched a 16-day weather trend in Germany. On the weekend of August 10th and 11th, he sees a return to heat. But only for a short time – then it is volatile, unstable and sometimes even with local storms involved. It will also be cooler. Strong showers are likely – but Schütz does not see this in a negative way, as nature and rivers could make good use of the wet.

Gernot Schütz estimates an 80 percent chance of a variable summer weather in August.

Weather in Germany: The deep "Xaver" causes bad weather

Updated on August 5, 6:31 am: Quite spirited and moody, weather in Germany shows up early this week. Sunshine, heat, lightning and thunder, hail and heavy rain – all stormy gusts are coming in the coming days. The reason: Deep "Xaver" is blowing hot and humid air to Germany.

Updated on August 4, 8:20 pm: After a friendly Sunday in much of Germany, the new week continues unevenly, according to DWD,

On Monday nights, it was initially only cloudy in the northern part of the country, but during the day stronger sources of clouds from west to east. Occasionally, even showers can break in the heavy rain of a local area.

Only in the southwestern part of Germany is it also friendly to start the week around 30 degrees. Lightning and thunder, however, can also rise here from Tuesday. So there is a mixture of sun, clouds and rain in the second week of August.

Weather in Germany: Here again it is over 30 degrees!

Updated August 4, 9.19 pm: After heavy rainfall and thunderstorms, the weather calms down on Sunday. The Zella High Pressure Zone is being relocated to Germany – and this has had a positive effect in many areas. Maximum values ​​up to 30 degrees are expected in the southwest. However, in the vicinity of Oder and Neiss and in the Bavarian Forest to the north and east, according to the German Meteorological Service (DWD) with thunderstorms and local heavy rainfall.

Thunderstorms sweeping Germany: evacuated tent camp – Berlin

Updated on August 3, 9:05 am: Heavy storms raged on parts of Germany on Friday, even in Berlin, a state of emergency had to be declared. The city's fire squads would have to move from 200 time-related missions, according to Twitter. Even in several security buildings, drainage systems were registered.

Also in Lower Saxony evening storm showers fell, which is why a tent camp had to be evacuated. About 120 children were apparently placed in school.

Meanwhile, four people were injured in a lightning strike in Thuringia. They were immediately taken to hospital, the details are strong German press but not yet known. The storms also affected the Wacken Open Air Festival, the Schleswig-Holstein Festival. For the second time, the area was supposed to be vacated on Friday afternoon, but after two hours the fans were allowed to return to the so-called area.

The location looks strongGerman Meteorological Service slowly relax, but by Sunday there are still some thunderstorms in the east and northeast of the country.

Weather in Germany: The expert casts the August forecast entirely above the pile

Updated on August 2, 5.11pm: August is likely to be much different than originally anticipated. Instead of extremely dry and hot summer days, at least in the first half of the month, Germany expects a mixture of sun, rain and thunderstorms. The reason for this is the predominant time in the west, where a large area of ​​depression over Iceland faces a high pressure zone over the Azores. At least one expert from Weather Channel,

According to the report, the constellation of pressure is further south than usual and not yet so stable. The result is mostly gray, humid and windy August days, which will make it a cool summer. But there is also something positive about this: low-pressure areas that are approaching could alleviate the ongoing drought in Germany.

However, it is not yet clear whether this western meteorological situation will also be resolved in the second half of the month. So, in addition to another extreme heat wave, weather is possible with temperatures only 15 degrees in August, the meteorologist says.

Updated on August 2, 7:20 am: In fact, on Friday it will at best be mild in summer: temperatures between 22 degrees north and 28 degrees in the far west of the republic are expected. However, in some places, it can be a disaster: the German Meteorological Service warns of thunderstorms in the north and center of the country, but also in alpine regions and southern Montenegro.

Locally it is also possible "extremely heavy rain with quantities above 35l / sq.m in a short time," it is said. Saturday night can threaten northeast and fog fields with visibility below 150 meters.

Germany time: the magnitude of the heatwave is even stormier than the known one

20:17: Several Berlin motorists have lost their license to heavy rain. 24 dropped number plates were collected after the storm Wednesday night alone at police station 63, a police spokesman said Thursday when requested.

He posted on his Facebook page the authority under the heading "flood with license plates" a picture of a box filled with number plates that were found in the Hälsersdorf, Kaulsdorf and Malsdorf districts. The owners were called for a pickup. Heavy rains had flooded numerous streets in Berlin. The cellars were full and the trees fell.

19.10 clock: Last week, Germany had a stronger grip on heat than originally known. This led to a final evaluation by the German Meteorological Service (DWD). As a result, within three days, not only 25 times were measured 40 degrees or more, but a total of 28 times. This was announced by DWD on Thursday in Offenbach. In its preliminary balance for July, the weather service on Tuesday was still out of 25 cases.

The new record in Germany of 42.6 degrees in Lingen in Emsland, but is on the list of meteorological services.

Weather in Germany: Summer already over in August?

Updated on August 1, 1:31 pm: Is the summer over? The prospects in the north are a little intoxicating at the moment. Deep Wolfgang over the North Sea is responsible. On Thursday in Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern near Lausitz with thunderstorms plus heavy rain can be expected. The German Meteorological Service in the northeast does not currently rule out bad weather.

To the south and east, on the other hand, it looks a little sunnier and more friendly. The high "Zella" determines the weather conditions. It is up to 30 degrees.

The weather in Germany was rarely so extreme. After the heat, there are now sensations of rain and autumn. Responsible for this is the meteorological phenomenon: the jet stream.

Weather in Germany: Deep Wolfgang leaves cellars full

Updated on August 1, 9:26 am: On Thursday night the storm front moved over Germany. Thunderstorms and heavy rain flooded roads in northern and eastern Germany and left cellars full. This was especially intense in

  • Berlin
  • Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
  • Schleswig-Holstein.

There was a state of emergency in Berlin at times. The Berlin Fire Service had to move 116 times because of the weather. In Schleswig-Holstein the streets were washed away. Heavy metal fans had to release Wacken Open Air in Schleswig-Holstein.

The low Wolfgang above the North Sea continues to carry warm and humid air, according to the German Meteorological Service (DWD). Thus, the weather in the north remains predictable by DWD meteorologists on Thursday as "unstable".

Weather in Germany: The Berlin Fire Department calls the state of emergency a city underwater

Updated on July 31, 9:25 pm: As a precautionary measure, the Berlin Fire Brigade declared a state of emergency due to heavy rainfall. Rescuers counted about 40 missions related to the weather in the evening, a spokesman for the fire service said. Berliners have been urged to repair minor damage themselves. An exception means that operations are handled according to their importance, not according to the time of an incoming emergency call. The German Meteorological Service forecast heavy thunderstorms, partly with torrential rainfall of about 20 liters per square meter per hour and fine-grained hail, on Thursday night.

Weather in Germany: City after storm underwater – bad August threatens

Updated on July 31, 8:35 pm: On Wednesday, severe weather warnings for Schleswig-Holstein, Saxony-Anhalt and Saxony. The city of Flensburg (Schleswig-Holstein) was visited by heavy rains that flooded the city center. Because the water was so high, some roads were closed.

The city of Flensburg was affected by heavy rainfall.

© dpa / Haiko Thomsen, North Press

The Regional Control Center reported that everything was going smoothly. There were no accidents or injuries. In the Rheinsburg-Eckernfjord region, among other things, flooded streets and cellars were made for numerous missions. As the Kieler Nachrichten reports, the rescue center received between 50 and 60 calls within minutes. Incidentally, Alaska glaciers are also in a state of emergency. A few days ago, two German tourists and a guide were killed in a glacial lake, probably because a piece of ice fell apart.

Video: 3-day forecast until August 4, 2019

Weather in Germany: A bitter weather forecast – the summer of August may fall into the water

Updated on July 31, 4:01 pm: In the areas around Flensburg and Kiel in northern Germany, the German Meteorological Service is now warning of heavy thunderstorms with heavy rainfall and hailstorms up to two centimeters in size. In addition, storm gusts can reach up to 75 km / h.

In the northwest, as well as in the middle of Germany, there are official warnings of a severe thunderstorm. Rainfall up to 25 l / m² is possible.

Weather in Germany: Summer already over?

Updated on July 31, 8:15 pm: Whoever moans from the heat should not moan now. The lowland foot of the British Isles now hesitantly crosses Germany to the east, the German Meteorological Service (DWD) describes the meteorological conditions. The cold front has it all. Thunderstorms and heavy weather, heavy rainfall plus hail and stormy winds are expected. Thursday night temperatures drop to 7 degrees Celsius.

Weather: No sign of a new heat wave in August – quite the opposite

Updated on July 30, 2:00 pm: How is the weather in August? As Dominic Jung, a certified meteorologist, explains in a video clip, there are currently no signs of a new heat wave. On the contrary. In some places, the summer may even fall into the water. "In the rain, it can be more than usual," the meteorologist says, adding, referring to the US Meteorological Office's meteorological map: "Regional, the month may even be too humid."

A glance at the weather maps of the European Meteorological Service gives a very similar picture. Especially for the federal states that are just starting their summer vacation, this is of course not very good news.

Weather in Germany: Return on Tuesday for a short time

July 30, 2019, 8:05 pm: After the heatwave last week with temperatures up to 40 degrees C, there was a long-awaited cooling over the weekend. Numerous storms also occurred Monday over Berlin and other regions in eastern Germany. It will be warm again in many places on Tuesday.

The German Meteorological Service (DWD) expects peak values ​​of 26 to 31 degrees. Especially in the west, summer returns with him, but only for a day. The rest of the week is expected to be variable. A mix of sun, clouds and rain – sometimes with thunderstorms – is prophesied by experts through the weekend. Maximum temperatures in the far north and northwest are between 20 and 25 degrees, otherwise between 24 and 28 degrees. It remains much cooler on the shores at 20 degrees.

The 30-degree limit can probably be exceeded only on weekends and only in the far southwest.

August weather forecast in Germany: Summer can continue exceptionally

In August, meteorological experts are again looking forward to exceptional prospects for today's climate models. Accordingly, there is evidence of renewed extreme heat waves.

Weather in Germany: July is not a record month, despite the heat waves

Despite the numerous heat records, July was not an extremely hot month in terms of temperatures, according to DWD. This is mainly because it was unusually cold in the first half of July, according to meteorologists.

By the way, the heatwave had an impact on politics as well: the Greens demanded, among other things, the right to have no heating and no home office in view of the current and anticipated further extreme summer.


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