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GZSZ Star Valentina Pade Pasha by Two Men on Breast – Photo Causes Terror


This photo of "GZSZ" star Valentina Pade provides discussion.

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The star of "Gute Zeiten – Schlechte Zeiten" posted a photo on Instagram of him laughing casually in front of the camera, as if nothing had happened. However, her fans are shocked – with both hands on her chest.

Berlin – In the new photo of Valentina Padé it becomes clear: She has no fear of contact. Laughing, the star of "Gute Zeiten – Schlechte Zeiten" appears on Instagram as you take two men to the chest. They both "grasp" her irresistibly to her chest. All in one. Men make faces. "My boys have everything under control," Pah wrote unequivocally to his post.

On Instagram, Pahde captioned the image as an ad, so an ad. But who is the GZSZ actress selling to? Who are your guys? This annoys the fans almost as much as the hands of big breasted men: "Do you have two friends?", "I'm sorry to ask. I haven't been following you for so long. Are you one of your friends? "

The GZSZ Star in the Video: The Touching Words of Valentina Pade

GZSZ star Valentina Pade grabs her breasts unhappy – outraged fans

Not so calm you see many other fans of the actress who plays the role of Sunny Richter in GZSZ. "Very cheap. What you can reconcile to get attention. It's a pity, "the follower writes." Oh my God, how humiliating. Disturbing, another outraged. "Cheap. But no one else expects anything else from you, "offends the next. A rather worried user asks in awe, "Do you need this?"

The publication of GZSZ star Valentina Pade is a sensation: The Enlightenment

Finally another fan explains: The two men are a Pahdes stylist – and a couple. These are Sven Benseman and Florian Ferino. "Everyone knows: no problem if gay friends, betray," wrote a Pahde follower.

But not only does the young German actress reap the negative. Most of all, their male fans find the publication at first glance to be excellent: "I want it too", read in the comments or: "They're good! Envious, ”another wrote.

Stars from GZSZ such as Valentina Padé often spark shocks on Instagram

The photo of this GZSZ star caused a stir among fans: "Please, let us help you!" The lost star of the series returns unexpectedly, but Instagram fans are paying attention to only one thing: "Not you!"

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