Wednesday , September 28 2022

Heat: Up to 41 degrees – the Dutch cool their streets with road salt


What helps against heat? (Part 1)

How effective are the air conditioners?

Stiftung Warentest tested air-conditioning systems last year: separate units consisting of a cooling module and a separate outdoor unit are more efficient than the mono units that blow out the exhaust air from the window through a hose. Because the window also has to be overturned and can not be completely sealed, warm air flows out of the room. During the test, the best parts chilled the room from 35 to 25 degrees Celsius in less than ten minutes – it took 45 to 106 minutes.

There are big differences in price. The split devices in the test were really more efficient, with up to 2800 euros, but not exactly cheap. In addition, the cost of electricity is added. One of the parts of the complex is air-conditioned and the annual costs are just under 38 euros. For monoblock devices that are included only daily, the cost of electricity for 300 hours and thus for about two months was up to 84 euros. For a typical device with a power of one thousand watts, much more electricity costs can come together.

How best to radiate?

On very hot days, best at night only and in the cooler morning hours with the wide open window. During the day the windows and doors remain closed. Especially the bedrooms should be dense and dark during the day. Those who prefer to tear windows should definitely avoid drafts. Otherwise, you may endorse neck cramps or irritated mucous membranes.

What does the sun most effectively protect from sunlight?

External blinds, roller blinds and blinds shade the rooms best. Inner blinds or curtains can protect the sun's rays only if they have already entered the room. You must have at least light or metal coated exterior surfaces to best reflect the radiation. For permanent irradiated southern windows, it is recommended to use a special solar control glass. Similar protection is also provided by reflective films, which are mostly colored and applied to the glass. But they have only a limited shelf life.

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