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Heidi Klum walks here without a boat – "Just for the shame of the stranger"


On Heidi Klum's Instagram page, the list of topless photos is getting longer and longer. Now she no longer appears from behind with a revealing look.

Updated on August 15, 2019 at 7:30 am: He can't seem to let it go – once again Heidi Klum is more than lightly dressed on a boat. Only the latest photos that the model and newly married Tom Kaulitz posted on Instagram have one thing in common: a little matter, a lot of Leopech and a deep idea. On the one hand, the 46-year-old is increasingly abandoning his photographs – a top. Or more precisely, as in the current photo of the top of the bikini. In the clip Heidi Klum walks on a yacht, in the background you can see the sea and the coastal landscape. However, the recognition of the model is only behind. She shakes on the railing – after all, the short clip is a boomerang. "I could live on a boat" (original: "I could live on a boat)," Klum wrote in the short clip.

For some, free movement is anything but good. "I'm sorry, but only the Fremdschämen," commented Userin. Another user recommends an online clothing store for the model. "Someone can't get old," another user commented. Her character is great, but "I wouldn't want to see my mom constantly on Instagram with her bare bottom and breasts …". Despite all the negative comments, many fans also think of Heidi and find: "Top figure, show your figure as you can." "Tom is lucky" and "Lele," other fans commented.

Original article: Heidi Klum in transparent tiger look – she may have forgotten the top

Munich – Heidi Klum's marriage should not be boring or even reasonable. The model guarantees this for the first week after her wedding with Tokyo star Tom Kaulitz. Topless on the rail or half in the water. The musician – and also his follower – has a lot to see in Heidi Klum. Especially a lot of leather. Even after the permits of the final days of the honeymoon of Heidi Klums and Tom Kaulitz in Italy, Klum wants more. She uploaded photos of her transparent tiger look on Instagram. Under Heidi's very thin colorful cloth … he doesn't wear much.

In early August, Heidi Klum gave his word to Tom. The wedding took place on the Christina O yacht off the Italian island of Capri – but probably the next wedding of Klum Kaulitz may soon follow. For many observers of more or less young love, the pompous circumstances of Tom Kaulitz and Heidi Klum's wedding are rather minor. The excitement is instead that Heidi starts at age 29 in marriage number three. At 46 years old. Visually, this does not seem to be a problem. Because slender and tense, as always, Heidi Klum shows with the loveliness of 20-year-olds. Because a bra or bikini top can always be forgotten. So, too, in this case: Apparently Heidi Klum, above, falls under a leopard tunic.

Video: Seal offends Heidi Klum's new husband

Heidi Klum adds a list of topless photos of his honeymoon

The first photo Heidi Klum posted from his gaze on the yacht on his Instagram account on August 13 shows the light back of the presenter of the Next German Top Model. Most recently, contestant Vanessa explained why she left Heidi's show. Heidi Klum thought of a pantyhose. This is clear. Otherwise, the slim body of the topmodel only covers a thin cloth with a leopard pattern. It's like the wind off the coast of Italy, the liberal 46-year-old blanket, waving the canvas around its curves. Windy Day, writes Heidi Klum in English for her vacation photo.

Heidi Klum shows the back – the top is not visible

A few hours later Heidi Klum followed his hot honeymoon with Tom Kaulitz. This time it is visible from the front. The fabric adheres to Heidi Klum's body through a fresh breeze. And even closer to the size of her bust. This is also the source of evidence that could be understood by his free turn. Heidi Klum does not wear any top under the transparent fabric. Apparently comfortable, Heidi Klum feels like an open cat. Animal prints are also among the preferred models for a quadruple mother. Responding to this, Heidi writes in capitals under photo number two.

Heidi Klum's transparent tunic leaves no questions unanswered

Many Heidi fans like the summer outfit. "Aunt, absolutely great picture" or "Born to be wild," writes Heidi Klum fans. But among the 6.5 million Instagram followers, they are also less enthusiastic. Too revealing, they find the 46-year-old mother's gaze "just doesn't want to get old, Heidi." Or "Heidi always needs to be in focus and needs media attention." Social media users are still so elegant: "It looks delicious for a change. Well done! "

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