Monday , May 29 2023

Helen Fisher: What a sad birthday


How beautiful her life could be! He could have an expensive husband with a shoulder to lean on. A sweet child could also have a cozy home to meet her needs. But when Helen Fisher recounts her life on her 35th birthday, she must realize that she has failed to fulfill her most precious desires.

No husband, no child, no own family and construction site instead of a home. What a lonely and sad birthday! And Helen has to admit that her dreams will not come true soon enough – because she parted company with Florian Silbrazen, 38, the man who shared those dreams with her.

Although Helen now has dance acrobat Thomas Seitel, 34, next to her. But love for him is not stable enough for marriage and family. Seitel is yet to prove that she is coping with life with a woman as popular as Helen. He was catapulted from nothing – does it depend on it?

Will my dreams ever come true? How's it going with me? Do I have to go back? There are so many questions that drive a 35-year-old woman. But there are so few answers and the solution is difficult.

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