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Herta prepares time for Kalu and Ibisevic

Herta BSC congratulates Kalu on his 34th birthday and Ibisevic on 35. The heirs are ready, but Davi Selke needs to improve

Together, they have scored 85 goals in the Bundesliga for Herta BSC: Solomon Kalou (left) and captain Vedad Ibisevic.

Together, they have scored 85 goals in the Bundesliga for Herta BSC: Solomon Kalou (left) and captain Vedad Ibisevic.

photo: Soeren Stache / dpa

Berlin. Congratulations came from everywhere: Hertha BSC greeted other players such as Ondrej Duda, Javairo Dilrosun or Karim Rekik. Recik Dutchman wrote in an Instagram photo shoot: "Happy birthday to the great player, but especially to this great person." From London, David Lewis was reported as Salomon Kalou in the 2012 Chelsea Champions League win: "You're the best."

Kalu is celebrating his 34th birthday. A day later, the rally resumed when Vedad Ibisevic made his 35th. Admiral Hamzagic, training under Pal Dardai until the end of last season, thanked the two players for allowing them to work with them.

Herta: Solomon Kalou is ahead of Marko Pantelic

Hertha BSC has something to thank them for. In the club standings, captain Ibisevic has already made his way to seventh place on the Bundesliga 38 points list. Kalough, 47, was ranked fifth, ahead of Marko Pantelic (45). Herta's record holder, Michael Preetz, 83, will no longer catch up with the duo. As much as they both contributed with accuracy to the fact that the capital club could play four carefree seasons last: Herta BSC systematically prepares time for Kalu and Ibisevic. Currently, their contracts are in place until June 2020. As always, nothing is more expensive in football than strikers who guarantee goals.

Davie Selke is fighting

And thanks to new opportunities, after a 125 million investment from Lars Windhorst Hertha wants to buy another high-profile offensive player in this time of change. The window is open until 2 September.

Most of the focus is on Davie Selke. He came two years ago as European champion to 21 years. Its purpose is to recommend it to the national team. Selke must be a regular at the club. He is not.

Since early July, Selke has rejected all media inquiries. He wants to convince himself with fulfillment. For the first time in years, an attacker can undergo thorough preparation without injury. Last summer, a lung injury rejected him.

Ante Covic praises Davy Selke

Sam Selke is struggling to keep up. In order to play with Herta, he must pass Ibizevich. But the old rocker presents himself in a very neat early form. Challenger Selke invests a lot. But sometimes the fine-tuning seems to be lacking, so in a promising position the ball will jump or the keeper will parry. In recent tests against West Ham (3: 5) and Crystal Palace (4: 0), Selke scored one goal each – a much-needed success for the pro who always fights hard. So he quarreled at training camp for the missed opportunity: "Man, then stop it."

Coach Ante Kovic feels Selke needs attention. "Most importantly, Davy stayed healthy. So he could fill all the ranges. Davie is a valuable player for the team because he sacrifices himself. "What Kovic says, he explains with Herta's third goal from Maximilian Mittelstadt against Crystal Palace:" Maxi only hits his target in London because Davie shoots his opponent, the middle is drawn, so the road to Maxi is free. Davy is a team player. He has also met in recent games. There are worse things for a coach than when you meet several strikers.

Arne Maier and Javairo Dilrosun are eliminated in the cup

With Luccabacchio completing his second training session with Herta's new colleagues on Tuesday, he has another competitor. The Belgian international under 21 can play right and left in the storm – and also central.

For now, Herta will have to cope without Arne Mayer (patellar tendon irritation) and Jawairo Dirosun (hip problems). Both players unavailable for the DFB Cup match Sunday at VfB Eichstätt Regional Team (3:30 pm)

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