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Insect Bites: Away Bites, Cooling Sprays & Co – Which Really Helps


MNoticeable only when it's late. When the red mound spreads on the skin, itching, irritation, swelling. Sometimes every other day. Don't scratch now, everyone says. And of course they are right, because it makes everything worse, favors bacterial infection of the stitch, and causes the small sting to grow into uneven slipping.

Cooling helps now: with ice, cooling pads, cooling gels and soothing sprays. Disadvantage: The agents only help until they are actually cooled or some time after application. Long-term assistance can come in the form of heat. This promises, for example, Stichheiler Bite Away *, which is available in pharmacies and online.

It works incredibly easily and is still unusual: the Stichheiler is placed with its ceramic contact surface on a puncture or bite. Pressing a button heats the tip to 51 ° C. There are two activation buttons for different duration of use: children should be treated for three seconds, adults for six seconds. If necessary, the application can be repeated after ten seconds. The local heat, according to the manufacturer, suppresses the release of histamine. Without the messenger substance, the body does not react with swelling and itching.

Probably the biggest advantage: The device works completely without chemistry and works with only two AA batteries. It is suitable for treating swelling and itching through mosquito bites, wasps, bees, hornets, brakes, but also fleas. The manufacturer was able to demonstrate the effectiveness of its product in 2011 with a study. To this end, the company cooperates with the University of Greifswald and the German Rescue Service. Rescue services with Bite Away treated 146 test subjects from insect bites on bathing lakes and beaches. He showed that swelling, itching and pain decrease significantly after the use of the pier healer, especially if used shortly after the suture. Even online users are full of praise for the product, the online retailer Amazon, it is one of the top sellers this summer.

Cooling gels and soothing sprays

Especially for babies and young children, the short, intense heat of Bite Away is often difficult to bear. If Stichheiler is found to be too unpleasant, it is advisable to provide typical home remedies to small patients, such as ice cube or cold compression relief. But natural insect sprays, such as Bite Care Baby * with aloe vera and vitamin E, can also reduce itching and prevent the sting from swelling.

Also recommended for first aid kit: Cooling and soothing gel for application after insect bites. For example, Autan Acute Gel * can be used to treat mosquito bites or brake bites so that pain and itching can be better tolerated.

It is assumed that stickers without chemicals will help

The Moskinto * plate works completely without any active ingredients, its purely mechanical action is designed to prevent itching and reduce puffiness. The number: The first layer of skin rises slightly from the plaster. The mosquito patch is latex free, waterproof and should last about five to seven days on the skin. Until then, sutures are usually treated. The effect is not scientifically proven, but previous buyers are more than happy with the product. The reviews say, among other things: "Within a few minutes of the sticking – as promised – there is actually noticeable relief!"

Insect bite prevention – that's how it works

Many people love mosquito bites and other insect bites as the world's first hot summer problem. After all, the little torturers lurk where it can withstand the heat: by the lake, on the terrace of your favorite bar, in the cool shade of a tree. Nevertheless, the stings are unpleasant and painful – not to mention the dangers of allergy sufferers. Therefore, it is better to take several measures to keep the animals away from the immediate environment.

In order to protect yourself from bees, wasps and hornets in the summer, it is advisable to avoid the floral scents of perfumes and shower gels. If one of the insects at the coffee table or eating ice cream gets too close, one should not react irritably and want to scare them away. Fast moving or blowing out puts the animals in stress, so they like to fight stings – especially for people with allergies, this can quickly become life-threatening.

The insect trap can prevent wasp stings

To protect yourself from stinging on the terrace or balcony, for example, you can fall back into an insect trap. The Aspectek * twin kit can be hung wherever there are beetles, flies, bees, wasps or hornets. Plastic containers are filled with fresh water or lemonade. This attracts animals. However, it must be remembered that trapped animals – even wasps that are protected – can die.

Natural aids to prevent insect bites

If you want to protect the insects without killing them, you can use natural carnation oil. The intense scent sells numerous insects, including wasps. As it can often cause allergic reactions when applied to the skin, it is advisable to put the oil in a small bowl of water and set it close.

Expel wasps – with a dummy on the socket

Equally comfortable with pets is the use of Wespennest Dummy *. The mannequin must signal to the animals that another population of wasps is already inhabited here so that the insects move and do not form their own nest. Some buyers admire the product while others have been unsuccessful – but it's worth trying for the good of both animals and humans.

Mosquito essential oils

Against the annoying mosquitoes or brakes at the lake and the cozy evening meeting, especially long clothes help. But also the special mosquito bracelets * with essential oils are a natural protection against humming pests. Citronella, eucalyptus, peppermint and lavender spread chemical-free mosquitoes and beetles and are therefore suitable for children.

Highly effective insect repellent

Particularly effective are insect sprays that are applied directly to the skin. In particular, when traveling in tropical regions, the use of products such as Nobite spray for skin that protects against mosquitoes, ticks and other insects that can transmit dangerous diseases such as malaria and dengue.

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