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Lena Gerke in Bikini: Lovers of Angry – "Sickness!" – Panorama


Lena Gerke shows a photo bikini – fans are terrified: "What a disease treatment!"

Lena Gerke causes an inattentive post about problems with her supporters.

Lena Gerke causes an inattentive post about problems with her supporters.

Photo: imago images

There are things that would be better preserved. These can be pictures, actions or simple statements. The latter applies in this case to model and influencing Lena Gerke Yes. In this way, the former winner of "Germany's next model" caused a great deal of excitement among fans.

Some of them brought it Lena Gerke recently with a post from the sunny south against him. First, you will not notice anything particularly in the picture: Lena Gerke sitting in red bikini on a boat, playfully put his tongue in the camera.

Lena Gerk shocks his fans with this picture

The picture itself is harmless. Lena Gerke But she provides the picture with a title, which makes for furious comments.


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Lena Gerke claims to be "pregnant food"

"Foods pregnant," Gerke wrote in the picture. So she wants to make it clear she's eaten so full that her upper figure suddenly got her belly. But the signs of the belly seem in vain in the picture.

Fans angry about the inscription

"How can you carry such a body image with such a range?" "Have you thought for a second what this inscription can do with young girls with normal bodies?" It is indeed impossible, writes an Instagram user furiously.

"Unrealistic Body Image"

Another user also worries about the message sent to young girls: "Too bad you choose to use so far to spread an unrealistic body image. It's great if you are doing sports and eating well, but please without this inscription.


This is Lena Gerke:

  • Lena Gerke was born on February 29, 1988 in Marburg
  • In 2006 he won the first season of Germany's "Next Top Model"
  • From 2009 to 2012, she presented the Austrian version of the model show
  • The model was from 2011 to 2015 along with footballer Sami Khidira
  • From March 2016 to May 2018, she was in touch with Kilian Müller-Wohlfahrt


Here are the young girls who admire you and think that "pregnant food" looks like this. It would be great if you could use your platform a little more responsibly. "

Fannyman: "Such a crap"

  • "Oh, man, Lena, seriously?" Where is your baby's diet? Do you want all young girls or older to feel bad? Such rubbish and such a range! This is a great minus point! "
  • "Photographs and inscriptions are just a stupid brain brain that looks great in what people are sick that have only been a long enough model …"

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Meanwhile Lena Gerke wiped the picture. Perhaps she realized that this was not entirely right. But the photo left her online. (SES)

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