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Leroy Sane to Bayern DFB colleagues with a concussion message


Will Leroy Sane change from Manchester City to Bayern Munich? The transfer may be forthcoming. Also discussed in the FCB training camp.

  • Leroy Sané continues to be FC Bayern Munich's big transfer destination
  • The German international is still tied to the English champions Manchester City by 2021.
  • The responsible persons of both associations have already spoken several times to the staff.
  • According to media reports, the transfer has already been sealed – but there are obviously still some obstacles.
  • All previous developments around Sane can be found here *.
  • Updated on August 6, 8:40 pm: FC Bayern Munich receive Tegernsee's final for the upcoming Bundesliga season. Of course, the Rotach-Egern training camp also talks about Leroy Sane's transfer.

    Two players who are well aware of the wing spoke after the first unit about the injury to their national counterparts. Of course, he writes with "an old friend," said Leon Goretska, "but I ask you for your understanding that I will not reveal any WhatsApp courses there." Gorecka also asked not to interpret anything in his statements. "I wrote to him two years ago, even – how old are you in fifth grade?"

    Sule is not in such an exchange with Sane. "I haven't written with him yet. I don't know what's going on. He'll probably make it public, "the centrist said, joking. "I'm not his spokesman." The FCB's first training session lacked a trio like* reports.

    "Yes, Sane is coming": the football expert is confident in his transfer to Bayern

    Updated on August 6, 4:35 pm: Will Leroy Sane change to Bayern Munich? If an expert and an inside man pass, the answer is clear: "Yes, it is Sane." Thus, the statement of Rainer Kalmund, who for many years as the manager of Bayer 04 Leverkusen was also very aware of the events in Bayern Munich.

    Kalmund is considered a football expert, most recently working for many years on pay-TV channels skyThere he is already a little shorter. "I think this is a prestigious thing for Bayern Munich. They will do everything they can to signal, "Kalmund added RTL Nitro, FCB needed 16 to 17 players of that quality if it wanted to compete in all four races.

    Rainer Kalmund sure: Leroy Sane is coming to Bayern

    However, Kalmund is also aware of today's transfer market. "If the Munich people were calling someone, he was already on the plane two hours later. Today you have ten competitors who have more coal in their bag than Bayern Munich, "said the former Leverkusen representative, stating:" These are not only competitors that are attractively attractive, but also metropolitan areas such as London, Paris, Madrid and Barcelona where you can live well. There was more competition and I hope for German football Sane to come to Munich. "

    In the meantime, Munich clearly wants more Premier League exports, such as* reports. In addition, Real-Star is being implemented as Plan B for Leroy Sane – Gareth Bale.

    FCB Leroy Sané: T-shirt number well-established – He is said to have informed City teammates

    Updated on August 6, 3:43 pm: In the changing theater of German courtesy of Bayern Munich, Leroy Sane continues to be confused.

    The current employer of Sane, the English champions and Cup winner Manchester City, also spoke on Tuesday at the request of German Press Agency initially not until the injury caught the 23-year-old on Sunday in the Super Cup against Liverpool.

    FCB Leroy Sané: T-shirt number well-established – He is said to have informed City teammates

    Updated on August 6, 10:52 am: More details on Leroy Sane's transfer should be known. As reported by the famous portal The Athletic (behind the payment barrier), Leroy Sané has already notified his teammate. There should also be news regarding the transfer fee. Accordingly, "Citizens" require a transfer fee of around 135 million pounds, equivalent to the equivalent of 146 million euros.

    The content retouches British journalist Ronan Murphy in his timeline. Murphy is considered a well-informed and networked author, mostly in the is considered an expert on the Bundesliga.

    Despite the injury: Leroy Sane's transfer to Bayern sealed? The shirt number is obviously already fixed

    Updated on August 5, 7:29 pm: Is Leroy Sane's theater over? Several media outlets have already announced a fixed transfer – now join another source. Accordingly, Sané amends Isar's transfer fee of EUR 110 million.

    This, of course, will be a new record for the Bundesliga. But that is not enough: how France football the national player in Bayern then earns € 18 million a year. His contract in Munich is valid for five years – he is currently executing Sané's contract in Manchester City until 2021. Obviously, Sané Candice Brook's friend * prefers Manchester, but ultimately prevails over Bayern. As the article says, the two clubs reached an agreement weeks ago.

    Even the back number of Sanés should be thundering France football already established: He takes over the legacy of Argen Robben and his number ten.

    If it comes to the Spanish media, FC Bayern Munich is in plan B for Leroy Sane. And while in Munich there is this superstar in the sights – see.

    Leroy Sane to Bayern And so is the state of transfer poker

    Updated on August 5, 6:15 pm: What's next with Leroy Sané? Following a shock announcement from the weekend, waiting in both Manchester and Munich, they are looking forward to a diagnosis. The 23-year-old City striker turned a knee in Sunday's Community Shield game against Liverpool.

    on the avarice Now he even brought another reason for a possible change of record champions in the game: Obviously Bayern is interested in Leroyse's younger brother Sidi Sane (football suburb * reports). Currently playing for the offspring of FC Schalke 04.

    Leroy Sane: Will a knee injury stop the transfer to Bayern? The teammate expresses himself

    In Manchester City, of course, the public courtship of Munich and Leroy Sane is also haunting. Kevin De Bruyne, who is well aware of the Bundesliga from his time in Bremen and Wolfsburg, said the opposite sky: "I hope it stays. I don't know what's going on behind the scenes. But LeRoy is amazing."

    The Belgian is adamant that Sane is "one of the best young players in the world". The midfielder adds: "If he leaves, that would be bad for us. But if he wants to leave, that's his thing. I really have no idea. But if you want to sign it, you have to get rid of coal, I guess. "He has to be right. According to reports, € 160 million is mentioned. But what if Sané has to get worse on his knee? With FC Bayern you have experience with injured transfer records, such * Reported.

    Leroy Sané: Tilting transfer? This is known for injury – FCB may also be interested in other Sané

    Updated August 5, 10.27 pm: Of course, all the English media speculate on how and when Leroy Sane's transfer from Liverpool's knee injury has changed. Whether it is a telegraph, a mirror, daily mail, or independent, the left foot is a problem everywhere.

    Now the respected independent has worked in a longer article on the relationship between Sane and Pep Guardiola. It's not the best, he says, but it doesn't talk about big problems. It was not pleasant for the national team to sit on the bench from time to time.

    The site reports a traditional weekly salary of £ 400,000, Sané should receive from FCB. This would be the equivalent of almost € 21 million a year. However, what goes into the diagnosis must also be decisive.

    At the end of the text, it is said in the immediate vicinity that it is more likely for Sana to leave rather than stay. € 160 million search for Manchester City.

    Is Sane worth it – whether he's injured or not?

    Leroy Sané Transfer After Suspended Knee Injury – FCB Probably Also Interested In Other Sané

    Updated on August 5, 8:05 pm: While fans and employees of Bayern Munich are eagerly awaiting the diagnosis after Leroy Sane's knee injury, there is talk of another change in San.

    However, this time it must be Sidi Sane, Leroy's brother (football suburb * reports). As sports magazine Kicker (Monday's edition) reported, FC Bayern Munich are interested in 16-year-olds. The offensive player is currently playing on Schalke 04 and should strengthen Bayern's campus. Talent feels at home in a central position forward.

    So it might be interesting: A Sané, two Sanés or none at all? We continue to adjust.

    Just a few weeks ago, former pro and coach Frank Fahrenhorst said of the 16-year-old: “You clearly recognize his qualities. However, we must decide to make comparisons with his brother and his father, "former international over Sidi Sane told WAZ. Former Sidi coach Willie Landgraf praised:" Sidi brings potential that others do not have. "

    Sané to FCB? Shock after knee injury – Will transfer be canceled?

    Updated on August 4, 7.33 pm: At a news conference after the Community Shield, ManCity coach Pep Guardiola at least made it clear when it came to Leroy Sané. "The first impression was not good, but I don't think it was bad," said the Catalan, "I'll wait for what the doctors say, but I think it's good. The professional himself left the stadium without words, his right knee bandaged.

    Video: Kovac does not comment on Sana

    A bright spot for Bavaria? Although Leroy Sané is out of the circle, but no support is needed

    Updated on August 4, 6:24 pm: A small sign of hope in Leroy Sane: He came to the tribune at Wembley Stadium for the awards ceremony. With a slight limp, he and his current team received a Community Shield. (Manchester City win with 5: 4 from penalties)

    However, it is by no means possible to conclude how his knee really is. Deep knee injuries are sometimes hardly noticeable. Just think of Dortmund's then-Otto Addo, who in 2003, with a torn ligament ruptured, actually scored in the European Cup against Austria Vienna.

    Leroy Sane to Bayern Shock! The object of Bavaria's desire must be injured

    Updated on August 4, 4:14 pm: It's coming as it should have come! Leroy Sané swung his knee in the Community Shield during a sprint and stayed on the ground. After a long treatment, the shooting star actually has to leave the field. It was unbelievable, because on the eve of the match against Liverpool, there was speculation that Manchester United would not use the wing flyer for fear of injury. In fact, the horror scenario actually came in less than a quarter of an hour.

    There is still no indication of the severity of the injury, but a twisted knee is usually not a good sign. The question now arises as to whether the long-term injury condemns the alleged imminent change in Bayern that has not yet erupted.

    Visible incidents of this kind were already abundant. The most famous is probably the explosive transfer from Dutch legend Ruud van Nistelrooy to Manchester United. In 2000, Knipser had to move from PSV Eindhoven to England, but shortly before the final signing, he injured his knee and had to fit almost all season. United relinquished advice to internal doctors and grabbed the Dutchman in 2001.

    Updated on August 4, 3:14 pm: The change from Leroy Sane to Bayern Munich was considered by many to be perfect. In order not to take any risk, the national team should therefore not participate in the Community Shield match against Liverpool. A injury can suddenly lead to a transfer.

    That it would not be used was considered a done deal. But about an hour before the start, the citizens are surprised when they announce their composition – Sane has been playing from the beginning!

    The advertised rostrum seat was therefore untrue, whether it behaves similarly to a fixed-fixed transfer remains to be seen. No later than Thursday, absolute clarity must be created in the Transfers, as Bayern had to give Sana a deadline for a decision by 8 August.

    Updated on August 3, 5:08 pm: It is estimated that the summer theater at Leo International's Leroy Sane will end in the middle of next week. According to information from express The 23-year-old striker has changed from Manchester City champions to German record champion Bayern Munich on Wednesday to take the stage. As the Cologne newspaper wanted to learn from Sane's closest relatives, the decision fell to Bayern.

    Manchester City and Bayern are said to have agreed to a transfer three months ago, but the change is due to wage negotiations being delayed. Supposedly, Sane expressThe information received a salary of around € 15 million a year and cost over € 100 million in transfer fees.

    The former Schalke Sane will no longer be used on Sunday at the Public Shield between Manchester City and Liverpool to prevent the risk of injury.

    Previously, Kicker, Photo, Sky and SZ had already announced the change.

    Is Sane changing in Bayern? Media Reporting Agreement

    Updated on August 3, 4.08 pm: Another report now confirms that Leroy Sane and Bayern have reached an agreement. By Thursday at the latest, the mega transfer of the German record champions in dry towels.

    strongly sky the German national team even has to collect a salary of around € 18 million a year. Only a proper Manchester counter must convince the 23-year-olds to stay.

    Even if FC Bayern Munich and Sane already agree on the salary, the change is still uncertain. Like English telegraph Manchester City is demanding a transfer of around € 150 million for its star. If the FCB desem offer does not comply and the agreement between the wing and the reds will not play a role.

    Change from Leroy Sané to Bayern Munich in line with family members amendment

    Updated on August 3, 2.12pm: Rumors of a change from Leroy Sane to FC Bayern Munich have been going on for some time. But now there had to be a solution.

    As members of the Flugelflitzer family, according to an Express report, the change is already certain – even for three months. Only the amount of salary that the national player in Munich should receive left the talks once again suspended. It is alleged that the club and players have finally agreed on some € 15 million to receive Superstar annually.

    As of Wednesday, the demands of many Bayern fans will be satisfied and will present a mega transfer to Munich.

    Leroy Sane to Bayern Munich – must pay the Reds 200m euros?

    Updated on August 3, 8:40 pm: Bayern wants to sign Leroy Sane from Manchester City – and the national team will, according to information fromSZ and photo to Munich. It seems clear: it will be expensive. Up to € 100 million in transfer fees are in the conversation, according to the photo, the package costs Munich residents, including hand money and a salary of around € 200 million.

    City coach Pep Guardiola yesterday gave the lead, though a little haircut: "I want players who want to be here and not head elsewhere. But the player didn't tell me. If he knocks on my door and says, "I want to go," then we'll talk to the club. "

    The Bavarian public courts have urged the 43-year-old not to be angry: "I'm not disappointed. Everyone talks, sometimes I talk too much. "

    According to ManCity expert Sam Lee, 30, Omar Berrada, chief operating officer, spoke with some journalists on Thursday to say that the top British club has € 150 million from Munich and that Sané should ask to leave,

    ManCity meets Liverpool in Super Cup on Sunday – is Sane already a Bavarian? He feels he can be ready at any time.

    Leroy Sane to Munich: Third media report confirms change – when will FC Bayern announce?

    Updated on August 2, 5:33 pm Change-The posture around national player Leroy Sane moves on to the next round. Once on Thursday the avarice and photo The 23-year-old's obligation is reported as fixed, now also by the Süddeutsche Zeitung, citing his own information.

    on SZ According to Sane, the Munich people have signaled that he has decided to change the path of Säbener. Bayern FC would therefore only agree with Manchester City on a transfer fee. The third German medium, Muncher Blat, announces that it is said that Sane has decided to change the country's capital. All three portals are also known for not basing wild speculation.

    On Thursday, Bayern responded immediately to the messages and posted them via Tweet as being wrong there. Whether the German record-breaking champion will now comment on SZ's reports remains to be seen.

    Leroy Sane to Bayern City coach Guardiola talks about the wing tip

    Updated on August 2, 2:40 pm: Speculation around Leroy Sane continues. Now Pep Guardiola spoke again. The Manchester City governor answered the press questions at a press conference – topical topic: Community Shield.

    City joins Liverpool on Sunday and the competition is the English version of the German Super Cup. Also, Bayern coach Nico Kovacs put the media in this context on Friday *. As in Munich, the first topic was directly Sane: When asked about the rumors, Guardiola replied: “You have not been to China and I have been asked many times. I know about the rumors. I want the players who want to stay. "

    Sane told Guardiola nothing about his future plans. "No player who wants to leave has ever said he wants to leave. He is our player, my player. We want him to stay, "Guardiola says. He is still trying to extend the contract. Sanes – have been working on this project for a year. "We were close a few months ago, it's different now. This is the reality. I can't say more, "he adds. In addition, he is not disappointed whether Bayern's offensive advertising is responsible. "I know how this world works. That's right. The important thing: LeRoy is here and he's preparing for the season. "

    Leroy Sane to Bayern No one is talking about the transfer rumors

    Updated on August 2, 2019, 12:32 PM: Leroy Sane to Bayern – or not? It is further speculated. Of course, Friday's supposedly fixed transfer was also a problem. Finally, there was even a press conference.

    Coach Nico Kovacs talks about the Super Cup in Dortmund on Saturday *. Of course, he was asked about Sane after a short while. But it became clear immediately: no way! Kovac and spokesman Dieter Nichols said the PC would only be about sporting events.

    Leroy Sane to Bayern Next turn in transfer poker

    Updated on August 2, 2019 at 9:35 am: Big upsets at FC Bayern Munich: Is Leroy Sane coming or not? On Thursday night, fans should already be cheering the avarice considered the transfer as an adjustment. Но всичко наистина ли е ясно? Байерн отрече съобщението в Twitter, според съобщения на английски медии трансферът далеч не е приключил.

    on Манчестър вечерни новини Докладвайте, че сега City е прикрепил цена към бързите крака на Sané. Следователно таксата за трансфер трябва да бъде 145 милиона паунда (малко под 159 милиона евро). И това не е единствената лоша новина за Байерн: Статията продължава: „Сити твърди, че не искат да продават Сане и ще го направят само ако играчът – който не е разкрил намеренията си – казва, че иска да си отиде. "

    Видео: Ковач в състава си за предстоящия сезон

    Очевидно гражданите не трябва да имат официално предложение за 23-годишния. Какво следва? Близо 160 милиона евро за играч – дали Байерн плаща? Мюнхен би получил атракция с Лерой Сане – но също така и неговата приятелка Кандис Брук е истинска привличаща вниманието, според *. Може би треньорът Нико Ковач ще коментира пресконференцията преди Суперкупата за трансфера, която придружава * в текера на живо. Какво мислите за таксата за трансфер? Гласувай!

    Накрая в Сане? Промяната на Isar може да се провали сега

    Актуализация от 2 август 2019 г., 06:30 ч .: След досадна игра на окачване, операцията изглежда се очертава. Въпреки че рекордните шампиони в четвъртък вечерта отказаха официално споразумение, Лерой Сане трябва да е готов да подпише за четири или пет години в Байерн. Манчестър Сити и треньорът Пеп Гуардиола трябва да накара 23-годишните да са показали два варианта: или той удължава предсрочно договора си за 2021 г., или може да напусне "Гражданите" през настоящото трансферно лято.

    Точката на залепване е силнаснимка-Informationen продължават трансферната такса за германския национален отбор. Специално за плащанията за успех се съобщава, че е свирепа. Според доклада не е изключено финансовият фактор да направи сделката неуспешна. Официален доклад за изпълнение може да бъде няколко дни във всеки случай.

    Трансферът на Sané с мега трансфер трябва да бъде фиксиран – първа реакция на Байерн

    Актуализация от 1. август 2019 г., 20.09. AM: Байерн Мюнхен отрече предполагаемо решение на Лерой Сане за промяна в рекорда на германските футболни шампиони. "Медийните съобщения от днес, със съдържанието, което Лерой Сане е решил да промени на ФК Байерн, не отговарят на истината", туитва в Мюнхен в четвъртък вечерта.

    Сане струва на Бавария вероятно 200 милиона евро

    Актуализация от 1 август 2019 г., 19:02 ч .: Все повече и повече показва споразумение между Сане и баварците. Той може дори да не бъде номиниран за общността на щита в неделя срещу Ливърпул. Картината потвърждава, че трансферът е толкова добър, колкото и през. В разговора вероятно беше годишна заплата от 20 милиона евро, част можеше да се плати и като глоба. Предишен най-добър печеливш в Мюнхен е Робърт Левандовски с около 16 милиона евро годишно. Заедно с трансфер от над 100 милиона евро трансферът на Sané може да струва на баварците огромни 200 милиона евро.

    Трансферът на Sané във ФК Байерн очевидно е фиксиран – мега трансфер за международни

    Актуализация от 1. август 2019 г., 18.12 часовник: Гнабри и Коман се бориха с леки наранявания на Audi Cup. Ако едно от двете не успее, това би било особено горчиво за Байерн, особено защото желаещият играч на крилото, Лерой Сане, все още не беше ангажиран. Но бързо ли върви всичко? Според информация на заядливец промяната е неизбежна.

    23-годишният германски интернационал трябваше най-накрая да реши за Байерн, срещу такса за трансфер от над 100 милиона евро. Вероятно Сане ще подпише договор от четири до пет години. Той би бил най-скъпият трансфер на Байерн. by TZИнформацията няма да бъде обявена днес. Засега вероятно има само разговори.

    Поради Лерой Сане: Байерн получава експлозивно писмо от Манчестър Сити

    Първо уведомление от 1 август: Мюнхен – Лерой Сане и Байерн Мюнхен: Мечтаната сватба ще се проведе ли това лято? От седмици се обсъжда германският национален играч, който е с договор с Манчестър Сити. Без съмнение – качествата му биха довели рекордния шампион на фронта.

    Сане беше последен с турнето на Citizens в Азия, показа силни изпълнения там. В неделя той вече можеше да влезе в първото заглавие на сезона: Двойният победител се среща в Community Shield на Ливърпул – големите конкуренти от миналия сезон, така че се бори веднага за титла.

    Leroy Sané до Байерн Мюнхен? Медицинският преглед, поетапният спор и публикацията предизвикват вълнение

    Наскоро туит в трансферния покер предизвика вълнение: Лекар каза в Туитър, че Сане вече е на медицински преглед в Германия. Малко по-късно постът изчезна, включително описанието на лицето и профила на лекаря, който от години споделя сериозни приноси и очевидно работи в известна клиника, внезапно ги няма.

    В същото време няколко изявления на баварските власти предизвикаха вълнение: треньорът Нико Ковач беше казал в телевизионно интервю, че е уверен в промяната на Сан. Имаше критики от Карл-Хайнц Румениге и Хасан Салихамиджич – също публично. Ковач се извини за необмисления си подход, но според информацията, картината беше поставена в постановка.

    Байерн Мюнхен: Ще се стигне ли до трансфера на Лерой Сане от Манчестър Сити?

    Беше казано също, че Мюнхенът вече е изпратил първа официална оферта до Манчестър – и Сити, и Сане вече ще имат конкретна оферта. Според информация на кикър (четвъртък издание) вече има оживен обмен между двата клуба. Явно гражданите са изпратили писмо до Мюнхен. Вероятно беше помолено да не споделяте никакви дискусии и оферти за Sané с обществеността – подписана от градската управа. Това съобщение трябваше вече да е пристигнало в средата на юли по пътя на Säbener – по този начин преди последните изявления на Нико Ковач.

    Решение може да бъде взето до 8 август. Ето колко дълго се отвори трансферният прозорец в Англия. Средства: До този ден на клубовете е разрешено да купуват и продават играчи. След това е възможна само продажба на актьори. В Германия трансферите са възможни до 2 септември.

    Докато Байерн продължава да копае Сане, съобщение до Леон Бейли от Байер Леверкузен предизвика размирица. Ковач вече оправяше нещата. След финала на Audi Cup срещу Тотнъм, в който Кингсли Коман се контузи, вратарят на FCB Свен Улрайх направи за смях. Ако Мюнхенът не успее с всичките си дестинации за трансфер, тогава има тези евтини опции.

    *, Fußball Vorort и са част от дигиталната редакционна мрежа Ippen в цялата Германия.


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