Saturday , October 1 2022

Linnemanns provides major efforts for massive criticism


Dthe progress of Union faction vice president Carsten Lineman, children who do not speak German in order not to allow elementary school, is met with sharp criticism. Leftist Katya Kiping told the German Press Agency: With his comments on children in elementary classes, Lineman goes to the "vote on the right bank."

Kiping accused the CDU policy of mixing the problem with reports of adult violence. "Isn't it clear that the Frankfurt perpetrator, who apparently had a psychotic disorder, is fluent in German and has a similar migration background as Alice Weidel as a Swiss?"

"Truly of the Fremdschämen"

Lineman had said in the Rheinische Post on Tuesday, referring to "new parallel societies": "To put it briefly: A child who hardly speaks German and understands should go to primary school." For the children affected, he offered pre-primary education. Recording should be postponed if necessary. He also mentioned the incidents in the outdoor pools, the act of the Frankfurt platform and the sword attack in Stuttgart. All this upsets people and feeds fears that new parallel societies may emerge.

Marx-Lisa Voellers, SPD education policy, said Lineman's statements were "really unknown to the embarrassment and populist roar, like in election campaigns." You cannot exclude children from primary school simply because they speak poor German. This creates parallel societies and long-term integration problems, rather than solving them. "Kids are exactly where they are. There is no better learning environment for all children than school lessons with their peers. "

Schleswig-Holstein Education Minister Carin Prien (CDU) decisively rejected the advance of Linnemann Prien spoke on Tuesday at the Süddeutsche Zeitung about "populist mischief" and "completely wrong way". Rather, these children belonged to "as part of the rules training" in German as a second language.

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