Sunday , September 26 2021

Lourdes Leon: provocative fashion statement |

He provoked the fashion world like his mother first
(60, "Like a Prayer")! Shocked at his appearance at the CFDA / Vogue Fashion Fund Awards in New York
Lourdes Leon
(22) on the red carpet with some details of his appearance.

Lourdes Leon: Transparent dress gives nipple nipples

On the one hand, the white mini dress from the Outer label is so transparent that it looks as good as it is and the fabric in the flickering light the photographer takes his eyes off one of his nipples. Nipple blitzer, which causes a lot of attention!

Red-Carpet Style

Looks best from the red carpet

Everything is hairy?

But that's not all: Apart from that, 22 years unfurled a hairy armpit camera and he no longer shaved his legs. The Hairy Trend, which is also popular among celebrities, sends greetings. Because Lourdes is not the only one: too
Bella Thorne
Paris Jackson
(20) and
Miley Cyrus
(25) like to let hair grow under their armpits.

It's not only his colleagues of the same age, but also Mama Madonna is a fan of Lourdes's actions, showing common Instagram photos of both. Pop singer and daughter welcome the new year in January 2018 – how can it be different – with selfie armpit hair.

Good or not good?

alarm the armpit hair

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