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Mareile Höppner with hot image after work – also enthusiastic about the players


Wine after work: Mareile Höppner shows up after work.

© Instagram / @mareilehoeppner_official

Mareile Höppner also thinks about her fans after work. On Instagram, the moderator of "ARD" posted a hot photo – even a celebrity colleague finds it a mega.

Munich – closing time is the best time of day. This special moment can be taken to the extreme if you let your fans participate in it. Like Mareile Höppner. The ARD presenter appears on her Instagram account with a new photo that allows her followers to move.

Mareile Höppner gives a nice view: Her fans are racing

Höppner leaned against a glass balustrade on a balcony. He holds a glass of wine in his hand. The denim jacket wrapped the 42-year-old over his shoulders. The mother's son wears a very short black and white skirt that emphasizes her long legs. A pair of sunglasses hangs on her chain that extends to her belly. Her dreamy gaze turns to dusk.

Mareile Höppner posted a hot photo after Instagram: "Just Live"

Hoopner writes: "No more work. Just live now. "The hashtags are #freizeit and #keinhandyguckenlieber sky. Your followers are absolutely thrilled." Awesome look, even better look, "" brasileirofan "writes, garnishing her comment with two smiles and heart-eyes. "The picture is very beautiful. Your look, your beautiful legs."

"Gaepa72" also looks the same, which reads: "Fantastic. Cheers. "Even" berndhcl "can hardly keep up with:" Sexy presentation. Beautiful! "With Katie Humuls, she even expresses a colleague of celebrities. The wife of professional leg Mats Hummels leaves in the comment column a simple "wow" with different heartwarming emotions.

Mareile Höppner continues to delight fans with Instagram posts – also a permission

Hooper regularly makes his fans go on Instagram posts. Recently, a photo has sparked speculation about the lack of slips. With an extremely short skirt, she led her followers to careless thoughts. In the video, the journalist gives an intimate idea to highlight an important topic. Hoopner also proved that this was her short back publication from a vacation in Italy.


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