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Mario Mandzukic for Bayern: A Giant Turn! It is now clear what this is about


Signs are tightening that Bayern FC is recruiting its former striker Mario Mandzukic. But the club bosses have other plans.

  • Mario Mandzukic has to return to the Bundesliga
  • Bayern and Borussia Dortmund are interested, Croat clearly prefers FCB
  • Manjukic has to cost a transfer fee of about ten million euros


Updated August 16, 2019: Mario Mandzukic is to return to Bayern. Former Bayern striker second-round rumors continue. It was said that transfer was imminent. But what is this? According to a usually pretty well informed photo from the heart a little. The newspaper writes that a member of the Bavarian leadership said last weekend that Mandzukic "is not a problem".

Mario Mandzukic: Juve is probably calling ten million from Bayern

Updated August 15, 2019: With Mario Mandzukic scoring for Bayern Munich, he is now likely to return to the Bundesliga. The German record champion wants to keep transferring his former striker soon, according to media reports, and hires Juventus striker as backup for striker Robert Lewandowski. The Croatian already played for Bayern from 2012 to 2014 and won the historic trophy in 2013 with Munich under coach Jup Heinkes. Following the transfer of Ivan Perisic, coach Nico Kovac will be able to meet the next compatriot of Säbener Straße.

The 33-year-old has long been on the Old Lady's list of alleged shootings. According to Gazzetta, the champion of the Italian series requires about ten million euros. In addition to Bayern Borussia Dortmund has an interest in Mandzukic, but for his part he should prefer a change to Bayern. Coach Nico Kovac has announced further reinforcements following Perisic's transfer from Inter Milan to the end of the transfer phase. "The fact is we still need something," said the Munich coach. Thanks to a special constellation, the Bundesliga transfer window will remain open longer than usual this year.

Will Mario Mandzukic return to Bayern? The signs thicken.


Kovac knows Mandzukic, who has scored 48 goals for Bayern Munich in a total of 88 games, in conjunction with the Croatian national team. Former Bayern pro Stefan Efenberg is already full of praise for Mario Mandzukic: "He would be the second absolute top transfer who would even return FC Bayern to where he wants to go. Advocate for mentality and sacrificial play" before "": "Bayern will suddenly have a chance to win the Champions League."

The report reveals: Juve star Mario Mandzukic before his transfer to Bayern

Updated August 14, 2019: Will FC Bayern Munich star on Juve at Säbener Straße? It is alleged that a change from striker is forthcoming. The record champion is likely to return Mario Mandzukic.

FC Bayern Munich are alleged to have committed Mario Mandzukic, Italian media reported. What's behind it?

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As reported by Italian portal, both FC Bayern and Borussia Dortmund are under discussion. It is claimed that the Croat prefers a change back to the old site of action. Juve wants more than ten million euros for the attacker. Nico Kovac is the deciding factor for Mandzukic, who won the Champions League in 2013 with FCB and even made it to the finals.

Mario Mandzukic: Bayern Munich Plan B? Transfer to Man Utd is blown up

Updated August 9, 2019: After a serious injury to Leroy Sane's knee, FC Bayern Munich are still linked to possible new additions to the offensive. Players and fans continue to look forward to a grand new signing.

Although Mario Mandzukic would not be a direct replacement for the ManCity Sané superstar, he would be an international striker. After Manchester United expressed interest in the former Bayern striker and the deal seems almost complete, now the Red Devils have decided to transfer the center forward, so Sky-Sport.

Transfer from Mario Mandzukic to Man Utd. Is it safe? Plan B will be a change in Bayern Munich

Updated August 5, 2019: By the time Paulo Paulo Dibala's transfer is finally complete, Mario Mandzukic's decision from Juventus to Manchester United has been decided. However, if it's a commitment to the Red Devils, but nothing, the 33-year-old obviously has a Plan B – and he has it all.

Croatian National Sports Journal Sport News writes that Mandzukic will return to Bayern Munich if the deal with Manchester still fails. On the sidelines of a trip to the United States, Bayern in preparation prompted FCB chief Karl-Heinz Rumenige to question Manjukic's possible return, he still said in that direction, nothing was planned. However, recent requests from players for reinforcements may have led to a rethinking of the club's management.

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Bayern deal without hammer: Manjukic likely leaves Juventus – Top striker mega exchange?

August 04 update: Manchester United clearly provided Mario Mandzukic's services. This takes into account Daily MailThe former Bavarian is therefore lured by an annual salary of almost seven million euros on the island.

The alleged transfer fee of the 33-year-old striker is not yet known and there is good reason for it. Manjukic's departure suggests that an even bigger transfer coup will hang.

Former Bayer Mandzukic before change to Manchester United – Lukaku only deals with formality?

For the English newspaper reports of a planned exchange deal between the English and Italian record champions. None other than top striker Romelu Lukaku should come to Turin in return. After that, his transfer to Piedmont must be charged with Mandzukic's fee.

However, Manchester United will probably have to bring a loss to the Belgian. In 2014, the Reds had put in just under € 85 million for a cheeky striker on the table. But at Old Trafford, Lukaku has never been truly happy. So now he's obviously going to Italy, where superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is supposed to work on it.

Manchester United likely to take Mario Mandzukic – interest in Dybala not yet faded

At the same time, ManUnited is said to have a strong interest in Paolo Dibala. It is alleged that the Argentine has long been on the list of team manager Ole-Gunnar Solskjaer. The Reds probably had no trouble using the Old Lady twice. The rumors about the magic step are still very bold.

Manjukic returns to Bayern Now Rumenige is making a clear message

Updated July 16, 2019: On the threshold of Bayern's American voyage, Karl-Heinz Rumenige commented on Mario Mandzukic's possible return to Munich. "We don't have to start on behalf. I'm not saying anything about it, "he said Monday night.

But then he let himself be drawn into a clear statement regarding the return action: "But nothing is planned." With the 33-year-old Croatian, Bayern won the 2013 Champions League. In 2014, Manjukic moved to Atletico Madrid and played since 2015 in the Italian series champion Juventus Turin.

For Bayern it is the evening in the Audi Cup against Fenerbahce Istanbul.

Meanwhile, another implementation of the front transfer is reported: Bayern FC had to make the first summer transfer fixed.

Mario Mandzukic says Dortmund wins Bayern Munich?

Updated July 13, 2019: Bayern is still looking for reinforcements, also at Sturmzentrum. The traded candidate is still Mario Mandzukic, in which Borussia Dortmund should have an interest. And the chances of a Croatian return to FCB are now slightly increased: After skyManjukic canceled BVB. According to the 33-year-old, he does not want to accumulate in black and yellow.

That will keep Mandzukic behind sky-An interpretation of only two options: a stay with Juventus or a change of FC Bayern, who is said to have already made contact. For Munich, the Croatian may provide relief to Robert Lewandowski, who plays without a real alternative to the nine. Only Jan Fiat Arp, and in a slightly different role, Thomas Muller, could run for a front injury.

Manjukic will have to wait for a decision, but still what new coach Juves Mauricio Sari intends with him. Upon change of possible transfer fee of EUR 15 million to the room. by TZ-The current information in Bayern is spoken internally, but not by changing the Mandzukic.

In addition, Bayern should be interested in Champions League finalists. Bayern also wants to invest further in the future. At the moment Bayern is supposed to be the adulteress of a 16-year-old child from Ireland.

Possible hammer transfer: Will the record champion return a triple winner?

Munich – Until the start of the new season, there are a few more weeks on the road to Säbener, but now it reigns. On Monday, the double winner started training, but with Fiete Arp he was just a newcomer.

Lucas Hernandez, who, like Arp, has already been formally introduced, is still working on his return after knee surgery. Benjamin Parward is still available as a national player until Friday. Otherwise there were no newcomers – although the Bavarians urgently needed reinforcements in the offensive.

Will Bayern return a former striker? Mario Mandzukic is clearly in focus

Leroy Sané, Ousmane Dembélé or Gareth Bale are traded time and time again. All three would be options for the outside line. strongly Sports Build But there is another turbulent alternative that Bayern faces: Mario Mandzukic!

The Croatian won with the Bayern Troika in 2013, was the predecessor of Robert Lewandowski as the central striker. Most recently, he was also linked to the BSE, but now according to the letter he had to but eventually return to Isar – and as a reserve for the Poles. This option seems to be discussed internally. The 33-year-old may want to leave his current employer Juventus Turin because: If the Italian champion were his favorite player Mauro Icardi from Inter Milan, Manjukic would probably only do the banking press.

Although FC Bayern cannot yet announce new users, it will soon be a new partner in the gaming industry. This may also affect the Allianz Arena in the new FIFA 20.

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