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Maxim Dadashev († 28): After 260 hits – Russian professional boxer dead


boxing Максим Дадашев († 28)

After 260 hits – the Russian professional boxer is dead

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After 260 hits – the Russian professional boxer is dead

Russian professional boxer Maxim Dadashev died after a head injury in the battle. The 28-year-old boy suffered from his severe injuries in a US hospital. Previously, he has collected 260 strokes.

Tragic news from the boxing sport. The only 28-year-old professional, Maxim Dadasshev, has suffered a lot of heavy blows last Friday. After the fight he collapsed.

DRussian professional boxer Maxim Dadashev died after a head injury at Oxson Hill / USA. The 28-year-old boy suffered severe injuries in a hospital in the United States, the Russian boxing federation said in Moscow. He will look at the case and treatment at the hospital very carefully, said Umar Kremlyov. Previously, the super light weight was ruled by St. Petersburg and placed into an artificial coma.

Dadaschew had suffered 260 heavy blows on Friday night (local time) in the fight against Subur Matthias (Puerto Rico), so his coach tossed the towel at the end of the 11th round as a sign of duty. The boxer was then removed from the stretcher ring. He was diagnosed with severe brain damage. The association will support the family financially, they said.

The coach stops the fight – but unfortunately too late

Ultimately, even Buddy McGerth could not save his life with his mission. Before the twelfth round of the fight, the coach said, "I will stop, Max." But as Maxim Dadashou wanted to continue fighting, his coach himself made a decision. He tossed the towel.

"One stroke can change a young man's life completely, I did not want it to happen," McGuitt told a ring reporter. He prefers his protégé to be angry for a day or two that he has to blame for the rest of his life. Unfortunately, so did it.

The death of the young Russian boxer will revive the security debate. After the fight, the debates began, whether the judge or the person from the corner of Dadashev would not intervene much earlier.

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