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Mosquito repellent for sensitive and allergic skin


Expert Tips: How to Protect Allergy Mosquito Skin

Mosquitoes can be quite annoying. Small insects are not dangerous, but their stings often itch for days. But how do you keep unpleasant blood suckers away? Health experts have some tips for compatible pest control.

Sometimes home remedies are not enough

There are now regular mosquito raids in some regions of Germany. Small insects not only annoy but also cause itchy skin reactions through their sutures. Sometimes small suction cups can be kept away from mosquitoes by home remedies. But often essential oils, herbs and co are not good enough. It may then be advisable to resort to marketing products. The experts have some tips for this.

Mosquitoes sting on human skin
Mosquitoes often bite with itching for days. People with sensitive and allergic skin, in particular, need effective and well-tolerated protection. (Image: claffra /

Well tolerated mosquito repellent is required

As the German Association for Allergy and Asthma (DAAB) writes on its website, people with sensitive and allergic skin as well as hyperresponsive airways need effective and well-tolerated mosquitoes.

Those who suffer from contact allergies, such as fragrances or hyper-reactive airways, rely on products that do not contain fragrances.

At the same time, the product must also reliably protect against pests.

The range of mosquito-free, fragrance-free products is painful, but finding perfume-free products is not easy.

Because insect protection products are not cosmetics but biocidal products where the ingredients do not have to be fully declared.

Therefore, DAAB requested manufacturers of insect repellent products.

Three medicines come without scents

According to experts, there are currently three fragrance-free insect repellent products: two NOBITE and Autan Junior Mosquito Repellent.

According to the information, "NOBITE Skin Sensitive" and "Autan Junior Mosquito Repencer" use the active substance Icaridin (Saltidin®) or Picaridin, which is relatively well tolerated and has little irritating effect on the eyes and mucous membranes.

Restrictively, another NOBITE fragrance-free product with 50% DEET active ingredient is recommended: NOBITE Skin Spray.

Although DEET (diethyltoluamide) is particularly effective against mosquitoes and ticks, it can irritate the eyes and mucous membranes, and isolated allergic reactions are possible in sensitive individuals.

Even the right clothes can help

DAAB summarized some mosquito repellent tips:

In general, a targeted application is recommended if necessary.

The product should be administered generously. Contact with eyes and lips as well as possible wounds should always be avoided. If sun protection is important at the same time, a sunscreen should be applied first and then a mosquito repellent.

Even loose clothing protects against mosquitoes. Tightly fitting fabrics are usually not a mosquito barrier.

An effective protection against mosquito bites in the interior is the exclusion of pests by securing mosquito nets or screens in windows and doors.

Mosquito nets above the bed are also suitable for nighttime sleep. There are special networks in the trade equipped with repellents. However, according to DAAB, there is no information on their effectiveness or potential health risks. (AD)

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