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Passenger growth: There is no effect on Greta's flights

Reservation data at Lufthansa and Easyjet remain high. So far, the climate debate has not affected companies. Price war may be more dangerous for them.

Despite the continuing protests and discussions on climate protection, large airlines have no influence on booking data. Lufthansa Chief Executive Officer Karsten Shore could not say that customers are stopping the current climate change debate. Rather, the opposite is the case, Spor said in an interview with the Neue Zürichher Zeitung am Sonntag (NZZ) on the issue of Greta's effect.

This reminds the Swedish student Greta Thunberg, whose protests have provoked the latest climate change movement. But for the entire Lufthansa Group in 2019 Spohr expects passenger growth of around 4% over the previous year. However, he refrained from criticizing the lowest race prices: "Competitors actually work partially with flight prices below ten euros." It was economically, ecologically and politically irresponsible. "Flights for less than ten euros should not exist."

90 million Easyjet passengers

Even the budget airline Easyjet has recorded despite the climate debate, not a drop in bookings. "We are looking at around 90 million passengers for the whole year and expect growth again this year," said German chief Stefan Erler.

However, people's desire to do something about climate protection seems to be on the rise. The Atmospheric Climate Protection Organization recently announced that in the year 2018 the organization was paid 9.5 million Euro, which is 40% more than the previous year. And for the first half of 2019, climate advocates registered a doubling over the same period of the previous year to about 7.5 million euros. It should be noted, however, that the strong months of the fly are still ahead, a spokesman said.

"Atmosfair" is one of several suppliers where you can "compensate" flights, cruises and others by donating money. This will support projects such as saving energy or generating green electricity. Other suppliers are Klima-Kollekte, Primaclima, Miklimat, ClimatePartner, Climamanauctur or Arctic.

Price war has affected the industry

However, the mood in the aviation industry is not entirely clear. So Lufthansa's price war is set, says Spohr's CEO. "In principle, after two record years, we expect another year with good results," he said in the NZZ interview. But too much supply in the industry, especially in Germany, is overcapacity. The pressure on prices so that in 2019 for Lufthansa, not a new record year. The largest German airline cut its profit targets for the current year in mid-June.

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