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Recall in Aldi: Extremely dangerous! Discounter warns about metal pieces in the branded product


Recall in Aldi: Some branded onion discounters are extremely damaging to health – Aldi takes the product as a precautionary measure.

Food – Aldi Nord is calling back for possible pieces of baked onions. These are 200 grams of Trader Joe's bags, said the discounter. It is possible that some packages contain metallic foreign bodies.

The products have the best before date from 05/20/2020 to 05/22/2020, as later Aldi announced. Buyers receive the purchase price back. Aldi Nord took the fried onion from Delizza GmbH as the first precaution. Meanwhile, Netto also needs to recall a popular beverage – bottles can explode.

Aldi recalled: Dangerous fried onions in these companies in the program

The product concerned was found exclusively in the companies Aldi Beucha, Beverstedt, Datteln, Herten, Hesel, Schloß-Holte, Horst, Lehrte-Sievershausen, Hann. Münden, Weimar, Nortorf, Rinteln, Salzgitter, Scharbeutz, Werl and Wilsdruff. Customers can check out Aldi Nord's Stores and Hours to see which company is a branch. For Aldi South, however, a frightening prospectus in the prospectus proved harmless.

Callbacks: These products have been downloaded

Recently, Netto recalled one product as it could potentially endanger its health. Not bad enough when calling Tchibo. However, there is an unpleasant risk of contamination in the textile product.

Popular organic branded desserts can be very dangerous and are currently being recalled. When consumed, these popular Aldi cookies can be dangerous. The manufacturer initiated the download.

Recalls not uncommon: always necessary

Recently Aldi released another product download. The fried onions, whose consumption could end up dangerous, were affected. Aldi and Edeka also sell the products: According to an environmental organization, a giant in the argar sector is the worst company in the world. He has been charged with multiple offenses. A Bavarian company recalls a product containing apricot kernels. Due to hydrocyanic acid, the risk of death threatens. And the consumption of this popular Edeka sausage can cause extreme reactions.

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