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Recall in Edeka, Rewe, Penny: Health Danger! Affected popular product

Recall in Edeka, Penny and Rewe: Users, beware, because a prestigious product can have serious health consequences when consumed.

Munich – The manufacturer "Zimbo" recalled the lion sausage. Salmonella may be present in the product. Especially interested in "Zimbo Spicy onion sausage 3x40g" with the best date 03.02.2019 and batch number L926012-14. The product is distributed throughout Germany. The affected sausage is sold, by the way, to Rewe, Penny and Edeka.

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According to the company's press release, microbial contamination with Salmonella was detected in a sample of the product. If you have purchased the affected onion sausage, you should not consume it. Consumption can have severe consequences in the form of salmonella poisoning.

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Recall in Penny, Eddeka and Rove because of a health hazard

Bell Germany recalled "Zimbo Spicy Onion Meb Sausage 3x40g" with the best date 03.02.2019 and batch number L926012-14.

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Recall in Rewe, Edeka and Penny: What can you say about Salmonella disease

They can return the package to the supermarket where they bought the product or send it to the following address: Bell Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG KG, Quality Management, Osterschepser Straße 40, 26188 Edewecht. The purchase price will be refunded.

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The page, which is managed by the Federal Office for the Protection of Consumers and Food Safety, also reports Salmonella disease as follows: "Salmonella disease occurs within a few days after infection with diarrhea, abdominal pain, and sometimes vomiting and light fever. Symptoms are usually resolved after a few days. Babies, infants, elderly people and in particular people with weakened immune systems can develop more severe diseases. People who ate this food and develop severe or persistent symptoms should seek medical attention and warn them of salmonella infection. There is no point in conducting preventive treatment without symptoms. "

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The State Animal Welfare Label should better inform consumers when buying meat

A new State animal welfare label should provide consumers with better information on how animals were kept when buying meat. As Agriculture Minister Julia Kljokner (HDZ) announced on Wednesday, the voluntary label should initially be applied to pig meat and show, for example, that animals in the stable have more space than required by law. Animal rights activists rejected the requirements as obviously too low.

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In particular, a three-tier mark is provided to inform about the conditions of stock breeding from birth to slaughter. In order to be allowed to advertise with the label on the packaging, suppliers have Klöckner "mandatory and verifiable" higher animal welfare requirements.

It was not until January that Aldi, Edeka, Kaufland, Lidl, Netto, Penny and Rewe had their own label for livestock.

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