Tuesday , August 16 2022

S-Bahn Munich: How to get home even though it is blocked – Munich


  • As there was "water in the track area" between the Hauptbahnhof and Hackerbrücke stations, the main line was largely paralyzed in the morning.
  • An estimate of how long the disturbance lasts cannot give the course according to its own data.
  • We inform you about the current operational situation and alternatives:

Due to the interruption, the S-Bahn movement in the center of Munich has been suspended. Water damage is obvious. As of 10.30am on Tuesday morning there are no trains running between Hackerbrücke and Isartor stations on the main line on Tuesday morning. The reason for the interruption is, according to the railway, water entering the track area between the Hackerbrücke and Hauptbahnhof stations. This was also reflected in the central stations, Karlsplatz (Stachus) and Marienplatz. During the interruption, there are sometimes significant delays throughout the S-Bahn network. In addition, premature turning points can be reached in the short run and in the short term. While the anxiety persists, S-Bahn Munich was initially unable to provide information. When the S-Bahn trunk line can be returned to service, Deutsche Bahn decides.

Current situation and alternatives:

  • The line S 1 at or outside Freising / Airport starts or ends at Moosach. Passengers on the line S 1 Alternatively, you can take the U2 Feldmoching or U 3 Moosach subway lines.
  • The line S 2 Petershausen / Altomunster – Erding is diverted between Obermensing and Munich East and the main line is not approaching. Halte Leuchtenbergring and Berg am Laim are reported.
  • The line S 3 in or from Mammendorf starts or ends in Munich-Passing. The line S 3 in or out of the Holtskirchen starting or ending at the Ostbahnhof. Alternatively, you can also take the underground U 2 to Giesing and U 5 to Munich Ostbahnhof.
  • The line S 4 Geltendorf starts / ends at Munich Central Station, runway 27-36. Halt Hackerbrücke has been eliminated.
  • The line S 6 in or from Ebersberg begins or ends at Isator. The line S 6 in or from Tutzing begins or ends at Hackerbrücke.
  • The line S 7 at or from Wolfratshausen starts or ends at Münchner Hbf, Track 27-36. The line S 7 in or from the direction of Kreuzstrasse begins or ends in Giesing. Alternatively, you can take the U 2 underground lines to Giesing, U 5 Neuperlach Süd or the S-Bahn line S 3 Dodge from Munich Ostbahnhof.
  • The line S 8 Hersching – The airport is diverted between Munich-Passing and Ostbahnhof and the main line is not approaching. Halt Leuchtenbergring deleted.
  • The 10-minute S-Bahn trains are missed on all lines.

Deutsche Bahn also issued the following notes:

  • Passengers are also required to use regional trains between Munich Pasing / Munich East and Munich Hbf and Tram 19,
  • DB tickets are also recognized on the MVG vehicle (metro, bus, tram) for the duration of the interruption.
  • The train asks passengers to follow messages and platform announcements regarding track deviations.

The main route goes largely underground through the center of Munich. Every day about 1000 trains travel on the main line. There are no two-lane traffic anywhere in Europe, according to Deutsche Ban. About 840,000 people use the S-Bahn every day. To alleviate the disturbance, the S-Bahn network was built in the state capital, the second line of highways. It is scheduled to go into service in 2028, two years later than originally planned, and will mainly go through a new tunnel.

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