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Schalke: So the Honorary Council came to the decision of Tionis – sport


  • Clemens Théonis leaves his office as chairman of the board of Schalke 04 after his verbal derailment for a three-month break.
  • Schalker Ehrenrath has been criticized in part for this decision.
  • However, the nearly four and a half hour session was obviously much more controversial than the sentence suggested.

At the end of June, at the annual general meeting of FC Schalke 04, Chairman of the Supervisory Board Clemens Thonis said a few words on the condition: "I am 63. Every day is meat." By the way, the meat industrialist likes to emphasize this often. Sometimes he adds that he prefers to eat sausage.

In Schalke, he said a few things about the club's situation: "We will do better" than last season. And, "I'm not the one who falls, I'm the one who fights." Applause.

Later Thionis: "Schalke of us is a virtue we do not follow." Big applause. When Tonis said this, he meant, above all, young coach Domenico Tedesco, 33, who had to leave Schalke. "I'm really sorry about him," Thonys said. Big applause.

Bundesliga Tribune is the true vote of Tönnies

The main stand is the true vote of Tönnies

Clemens Thionis quit her job for three months – that sounds like a sentence for a probationary period. However, Schalke now decides whether he wants to have a chairman of the supervisory board.Comment by Klaus Holtzenbein

If it is Schalke's virtue not to follow the example, is this the case with the boss? In the case of Clemens Thionis? And is it really clear that I will not run away? Never no?

The club's honorary council meeting was held on Tuesday evening. It was about Thionis himself. Especially about his remarks about Africa, where power plants will be missing, and about the inhabitants of the continent, who would therefore "produce children" in the dark. By common definitions, what Tony did in a speech in Paderborn was classic racism.

"Racism is the process by which people are constructed, discredited and marginalized on the basis of actual or perceived physical or cultural characteristics," notes the dictionary.

Schalke's Honorary Council advised four and a half hours, and the result is at first glance as bizarre as it was in the previous season, with some finding video sitting in the Cologne cellar.

No racism. The accusation is "unfounded". So the Honorary Council. However, Tönnies must be criticized for violating the principle of non-discrimination enshrined in the statute and Schalke's declaration. In particular, as chairman of the supervisory board, he has breached his duty. Tionis regretted this and stated that he would resign as a member of the Supervisory Board for a period of three months. Then he came back and ran.

The five-member honorary council did not follow suit and welcomed the plan.

The echo matches. And it's multi-tone. In Schalke's fan circles who were initially opposed: "Clemens Thonis can no longer be Schalke's face," says Manfred Beck of Schalke's Fan Initiative, for example. And further: "I hope this is not the end result, but that it is an intermediate result." Some media talk about "puppets" to which Tonis "pulled the strings". From FC Schalke's "lost honor" is speech. And, in the summer break, almost everyone with a say in political sports has plunged into: "pitiful," "dubious," "unhappy."

The echo of the Honor Council's decision is unrelenting, but it's hard to explain with the actual gameplay.

There are five people in Schalker Ehrenrat, who have been given meaning for days as if it were the Last Judgment. Each of them must be over 30 years of age, be a member of the association for at least five years, and at least two of the members must be qualified to be judges.

All five members meet these requirements. All five are Schalke.

Some people are known as Pastor Hans-Joachim Dom, the organ's chairman, and is said to have baptized Manuel Neuer. Or his deputy, Professor Dr. Klaus Bernsman, who is a lawyer and head of the department of criminal and procedural law at the University of Bochum. Burnsman at least Tionis knows about meat.

When the big butcher got into trouble in a criminal case, among other things, because of "mixed minced meat", in which the proportion of pork is usually given 55 percent and 45 percent of beef, the proportions were not voted on, Burnsman wrote an astonishing expertise. After reading, even the prosecutor no longer knew how to deal with the shares. If beef is really better than pork. Lawyers of Art.

So: the opponents of true Tony are not the pastor and the lawyer.

Nevertheless, as the credible sources testify, the meeting of the Honorable Council proceeded differently than the result suggested. Attorney Cornelia Toporsisek, a judge at the Düsseldorf County Superior Court and a member of Schalke since 2005, is said to have criticized Paderborn Thoni's statements very sharply. There is someone who is there and assures that if that had continued this way, Thoni would have thrown in that Tuesday night.

In addition, Goetz Bock, a judge at the Hessian Financial Court, had to become very basic. Group members say they shouldn't say anything. Secret.

On request, if he was ready for an interview, which Thonys announced on Wednesday via SMS shortly, he was already "once on a break". In time, he will return to the public.

If the traditional descriptions of this session are true, it will take some time to lay the foundations of Schalke's compromise. "We don't have to break up," the council of honor said. And since the board includes a tax advisor, the credit to Schalke 04's kingdom – including all of Thonys's activities – has been credited, his vote should have been particularly important. Bernhard Terhorst had to advise prudence.

By the way, at the annual General Assembly in June, a girl from Schalke said something important about Schalke and received much applause: "I stick to every game, no matter how stupid it is." Clemens Thonys stood beside him, helping him level the microphone.

The Bundesliga Easily repels anyone

Easily away from anyone

Shalkes Ehrenrath decides on the future of his chairman of the board. Thonis and Schalke – this was a complicated story even before his racist remarks.By Hans Lindecker

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